Moving Your Set Point Part I: Releasing the Point

Moving Your Set Point Part I: Releasing the Point

This is the first part of a lengthy exercise from Jason Miller’s Financial Sorcery that is meant to help you break free from negative patterns and self-sabotage.

I would preform this during the Waning Moon, and finish it on the Dark Moon. I’d also work it into a blockbusting ritual.

This is a heavily simplified version. I recommend getting the book, which is truly excellent!

Step One: Make a List

Make a list of between three and nine examples of real-life regrets.

Step Two: Create a Sacred Space

Banish, cast your circle, do whatever you do to create a sacred space.

Step Three: Situate Yourself

Preform Miller’s Universal Centering exercise, or whatever method (preferably with breathwork) to balance your energy and situate yourself as the center of the universe.

Step Four: Visualisation

Imagine a blazing hot, all-consuming, completely destructive (but contained) fire roaring in front of you. If something enters the fire, not even the name of the thing remains.

Step Five: Discard & Chant

Focus on the first item on your list and cast it into the fire, in the form of a cube. You should not feel too attached to it.

I release myself from the bondage of the past.
I cast my failure and my feelings about that failure into the razor fire.
In the space of spontaneous awareness not even the name of obstruction exists.

Repeat this process for every item on the list.

Step Six: Rebalance

Preform Miller’s Pillar and Spheres exercise, or whatever method (preferably with breathwork) to balance your energy.

Step Seven: Star Center

Turn your attention upward through the central channel to the Star Chakra above the Crown Chakra. Sound off: HUE

Feel the energy of this center, which is connected to all stars everywhere, unlock and descend through the body, sealing the work. Know that it is done.

Step Eight: Repeat

Repeat for Nine consecutive days.


Great share! Miller’s stuff is top notch!


Miller puts out great material :slight_smile:
Do you have a favourite book by him?


Probably his Financial book, or Elements of Spellcasting. Im a huge fan of his courses…I’ve worked with just about everything he puts out.


Ive done the first one. The other two are, I think, the only ones I havent done. I’ll probably finall do SOH 2 next cycle.


I really liked it. I had done some evocation wirk befire i took the course, but once i put everything together i f8nd the method taught to be easy and very effective.