Most Powerful Result

What was your most powerful result? If you’re willing to share.

We have many excellent magicians here, it would be great to reminisce on past successes.


Earl Raum put my target in the hospital in less than two weeks. They had a mini-break down and caused their own accident.

I’m not sure if it was the most powerful, but it was one of the most immediate and impressive.
Hail Earl Raum!

A jar spell I made cost another target their job, their relationship, their best friend, their home, and they drunkenly embarrassed the shit out of themselves, all in one month. Very proud of that one!


Well, this sound quite nice. What method did you use to contact Raum?


I was in a space I couldn’t evoke in (an internship abroad where I was sleeping in the living room of a share flat), so it was a petition. I offered dragonsblood incense. The cheap stuff, stick incense from a dollar store, lol. I took a fortune cookie fortune about broken wings and worked it in, on intuition.


Healing someone of a brain aneurysm and minor stroke. Went from ICU, “we don’t know what the end result will be”, facial drooping, slurred speech, being fed through a nasal tube, to out of hospital and physical rehab in exactly 8 weeks and 1 day. Completely back to normal, and the most recent update is that the aneurysm has shrunk significantly and the neurologist thinks that at the next checkup there’ll be practically no sign it ever existed. Subject is aged in their mid 70s. Raphael and the Law, although I had friends doing various healing rituals as well.

Healing someone of a hereditary heart disease that usually causes death in someone’s early 30s (had a long family history of this happening). Went from diagnosed to spontaneous remission (literally no sign, symptom, or spot of evidence that there was ever anything wrong) in 3 months. Just used the Law for this one.

Getting my dream job and 20k/yr pay raise. Someone else sent me the job application link, it was the only job I applied for, and 7 days later I was signing the contract. No petition, just working with Leviathan and the Law. Also with the help of Labusi and Atuesuel while I was interviewing.

Large sums of free money (over $1k), with no specific need or request, about 4 times in the past 12 months. Also living at first at a very low cost of rent, and now not paying rent at all. No petition or anything, just working with Leviathan and regular offerings to Bimé.

Manifestating a free copy of the True Black deck :wink: with the mighty powers of @Nephenthe (yes, it arrived!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smile:)

Other stuff that isn’t impressive in terms of grandiosity or material achievement, but the speed at which they occur. The fastest I’ve ever had results for minor stuff with the Law is about 20 seconds. Also I once gave Sallos a list of qualities I desired in a partner and he delivered in 2 days. Forgot to add a very specific request though so it didn’t work out, but still, impressive. Overnight results with Belial, more of a sign than anything. Results from Dantalion (getting an ex back) within 2 weeks. Results from Cimeries within a few hours. Results from Hephaestus in about 4-6 days. Consistently expedited results from the Angels of Omnipotence (few hours to about 3 weeks).


I’d say my top result was getting my current job, which was something very difficult. I used magic to create the opportunity for an interview and then used it on the entire selection process to move through steps.
I’m thinking on using magic again to grow faster on the company


What’s “Law”?


The Law of Assumption, also called the Law of Belief or Law of Consciousness, often confused with the watered-down “law of attraction”. Taught by Neville Goddard (whose lectures and books are all freely available online and out of copyright), as well as other authors like Florence Scovel Shinn and Joseph Murphy. It’s like… Christian mysticism, or in my humble opinion, the mechanism by which all magick works, distilled.