Modern Invocation of Mercury (Frater U∴D∴)

I came across this Invocation of Mercury by Frater U∴D∴ his book Money Magic: Mastering Prosperity in Its True Element. It is part of a larger money-drawing ritual involving the planetary intelligence (not the Roman God) Mercury, but can be used independently of the ritual.

Invocation of Mercury

High spirit of the intellect,
Playful fool of thieves:
You give us the knowledge of knowledge itself,
In a nimble game of words and thought.
You’ve been invoked for ages
By the ancestors of our kind:
Philosophers, magicians, and tricksters
Constantly demanding your favour.
You give us gifts with a mocking chuckle,
Easy come, easy go:
Silvery, shiny Mercurius,
In just the blink of an eye
You break all patterns of static thought.
O share with me your clever ideas,
Make me rich with your knowledge,
Teach me to search and to strive -
And to slip through the cracks!

I have not used this incantation, nor have I worked with the planetary intelligence of Mercury. I hope it will be of use to those who are looking to do so.


Interesting invocation! Thanks for sharing it here.

Although, I don’t get a good feeling from this line in particular personally.


The author is in favour of writing your own incantations; I imagine he’d encourage you to switch it out. It would be very much inline with the mercury principle to do so, lol!