[MINI JOURNAL] The four Angels of Sacred Prostitution - A pathworking


According to modern texts, there are “Four angels of sacred prostitution”: Lilith, Naamah, Agra and Eishet.

Lilith can be found in some ancient Mesopotamian literature. Naamah first appears in the Zohar, Agra in the jewish text Yalkut Hadash and Eishet in the Kabbalah as one of the spirits of the sphere of Gamaliel. Is clear that they have, mostly, a hebrew origin.

The concept of sacred prostitution, condemned in jewish/christian literature, is a more recent invention, opposed to the accepted traditions of Corinth and its sacred harlots worshipers of Aphrodite.

Nowadays is quite common for people to associate Lilith (and the other three spirits aforementioned) to some sort of sex goddess. They had been grouped in the Qabala, probably due to being describe in the same way: semen thieves, a superstition created to explain what we know today as night pollutions.

I don’t take any of this too seriously, let’s make that clear. Nevertheless, I’ve decided to contact this four spirits and see what’s on their side.

And just to be sure, I’m not a member of the ubi lover club. Never think otherwise, I like my lovers with bodies of flesh and bone.

Without much ado, let’s start this short ride.



My guardian for the journey was Hermes. We traveled through a tunnel of bricks, with barely any lighting, coming from the Caduceus, until some chamber.

I met Lilith in a humanoid form with spider head and some limbs. There were several smaller spiders around, so I kind of killed one, she didn’t like that.

I tried to apologize and explain myself. She didn’t like that either. So Hermes stepped in, tried to… dance with her, gave her some flowers and sent her back to her throne, in the same way you send back a 6 year old to the kid’s table. Then she decided to speak with me.

I introduced myself and told her I’m friends with Hermes (who was around, doing more of his usual shenanigans and taking it as seriously as scratching his ass, so not seriously at all). I explained why I was there and all about this project. She did seem to like the later and said she will be with us, in some form.

I asked for a pathworking to her. She gave me one. After this Hermes sat down at my left to play the drums. Yes, to play the drums. If you’re new around here, sorry, he does such things in my visions.

Finally, I explained that I intend to match some of her children with some you (yes, YOU). She liked that part more.

I thanked her, thanked Hermes and came back.

While we started with the wrong foot, it was all in all a good and productive meeting.


This is fascinating, I’m studying all about the four angels as I continue with my Qlippoth learning. Awesome journal man!


Thank you very much, good Sr!



Hermes took me to the meeting. We went underwater until we found a green-skinned young woman (around 20 or so). She wasn’t Naamah. We went inside a cave. There were several other spirits. We found a throne. A woman exactly like the first woman was there. But she wasn’t Naamah either. We had to go deeper. Quite deeper.

I had to enter through her vagina, to her uterus until I found a fetus that soon… became exactly like the other two woman. But this was Naamah, indeed.

Hermes decided to play contortionist while I was having my interview. All in all, she was quite nice. Lovely, even. I’m really not used to that from this infernal types, only the Greeks are like that with me (I heart Aphrodite).

Some very basic answers to some frequently asked questions:

  • Yes, she is in touch with us and is quite good at material things.
  • Yes, she was aware of me, probably because of my visit to Lilith yesterday.
  • Yes, she gave me a pathworking.
  • She supports The Occult Mirror and is happy with this endeavour. Not that I care, though. But it is nice all the same.

But she did more than that. She gave me a little spell to call her for material needs, that I’ll soon write down and share for all of you to try.

This was a good meeting, indeed.

UPDATE: Here you have the tutorial for this particular spell I mentioned. Enjoy.


Wonderful. Lilith is my patron and Naamah came to me today (with pretty much immediate results, she knows what’s needed). Definitely reading this Journal. Might start one too.

Her showing up was one of the most beautiful psychedelic things I have ever seen without being on shrooms or something. Very physical and … grounding.


Since you work with Naamah maybe you would like to try the spell she gave me for this community? :slight_smile:


Sure. I already saw it.
Interestingly… She wanted to give me one too - or rather empower a servitor as a gift. A shell. As far as I can tell. It looked like a spiral. I dont know the details but she seems enthusiastic about this community.




Agrat, daughter of Mahlat, had a few things to say.

We met her at the top of a mountain covered in ice. She was sitting in a throne, had light green skin and her lower half was that of a snake. Hermes made me notice that identical bodies where around, many kilometers away, some of them taller than the mountain.

The interview went well. What’s new is that I asked if she had an office she would like to be associated with. “Matters of the heart”, she said. And said it literally. The organ, not the metaphor to talk romantic issues. Also, female health in general.

So, take note for that. There is not much for others, but she is okay with anyone contacting her.

She also told me she likes our project and that she knew I was coming since she “was told”.

I asked for a pathworking, got it and said goodbye. Meanwhile, Hermes was at my side playing the acoustic guitar. But he was fine with the interview. Seems I’m getting a bit better at this. Also, for whatever reason, my hearing got quite sharp tonight. And I didn’t do anything different.


Same for me, and I was told it‘s Naamah. Also one of the servitor she wanted to give was for hearing. Hence, the Spiral.




Deep down in the sea, we found a crack. We got inside. There was lava and a throne. Eishet appeared as an old, demonic crone from a B movie. And didn’t seem to like me. As I introduced myself, Hermes went to her to play guitar, meanwhile, two lava-like shapes with arms (shield and spear) appeared to stop me from getting closer to her. I told her I wanted to talk and she allowed me to sit in front of him. I guess she was expecting I bowed down. Hermes decided to keep playing the guitar… dressed like a Spanish matador. Because Hermes.

She tried to push energy into me, I could feel the pressure and the damn thing entering my body, Hermes came fast and stood behind me, but I pushed back myself. She accepted I am able to do a thing or two on my own.

I asked for her office and she said “music, spiritual development and magick”. She is willing to teach those who’re willing to reach.

Not a very good meeting, but she did give me a pathworking. I thanked her and Hermes and I went to take care of our own stuff.

And so, I conclude this mini-journal.


Naahma is my favorite forever. I love her so much and feel constantly so close to her. She is the best to me. Hail Naahma :black_heart:


This was a great project that has me on a mini project of my own. Excellent work @ReyCuervo !


Awesome work! Are the specific pathworkings a personal thing?


Sometimes they are. But I got a bunch from the Greek pantheon and most of them had been tested by my friends with no issue, so I may publish the pathworkings at a later date :slight_smile:


This journal is amazing :sparkles:

Do you think she could be called upon for help managing endometriosis, without a lot of ceremony? Or did she seem more high maintenance / involved?


I think the high maintenance probably depends of the condition itself. I’ve been a year working in healing my own skin infections.

Best I can say is ask her. I don’t think calling her is too much ceremony, but it may be needed to do it in a regular basis