Mei's Dream Journal

I think it needs no explanations of what this is going to be. Used to have a dream journal on the other forum, so I’m going to make it here again.

Enjoy my weird ass dreams.


October 11, 2022

I was in the backseat of a van, and we were getting chased by some people. At some point I got shot by a gun in the right side of my chest. I remember then trying to control manually the blood flow in my body, so I wouldn’t bleed out. I was focusing really hard, taking deep and slow breaths, concentrating my attention on my body.
It was an interesting experience, even if it was only a dream.


October 12, 2022

I had another dream before that one, but I totally forgot about it.

In the second dream, I arrived in my house to find that someone had been in it and stole a lot of things (mostly my mom’s stuff). Every drawers was open, with things missing in them. The door in the back of my house was open fully, and I thought it was my fault for not closing it.
I went back outside, angry and determined to find the people who did it. I managed to find them, a few hundred meters away, stealing in another house. They were 2 of them at least. I was telling one of them that if they gave back everything they stole, I wouldn’t report them. He started getting angry, throwing stuff at my face, and took out a gun. In the dream I wasn’t feeling scared at all, I was pretty calm actually. With one hand I was trying to keep the gun away, and with the other to make a call on my phone.


October 13, 2022

Today’s dream was very long. I also have the feeling that I’ve seen it already, big déjà vu moment.

I was some kind of giant wolf in a city, and I know that because I could howl like them, and I could hear dogs around answering me. A lot of soldiers were chasing after me and were trying to capture me.
I would run around the city, to escape them, but they were always right behind me. I managed to get in a supermarket, where I met another animal who told me to follow him. He wanted to help me, and he was leading me in some kind of metallic tunnels, to what I think was a spaceship.

Can’t remember more than that.


October 15, 2022

I had two dreams tonight, but sadly I have troubles remembering the first one, which is the best :frowning:

Belial came to visit, so I am pretty happy. He does not show up that much anymore, last time he did was when I came back from Canada.
I do not remember exactly what was the dream about honestly, I just know that when I woke up, I was thinking about the tree of life, and how I should do it too with the Qliphoth, to balance it out. He was showing me something, but I cannot remember at all. So yeah, I will keep that in mind.

For the second dream… I don’t even know where to start lmao. It was a mess. I just know that the start was pretty colorful, lot of yellow, red and blue. Then, the dream turned to the horror. I was with a group of kids, and we found a box in front of an empty house. I’m not sure what was in the box, but it was suspicious that’s for sure. We then were running, because something happened outside, and we all ran into the fire station to protect ourself. There was aliens after that, trying to get into our house. I remember hiding under a bed and waiting. Not sure what happened after, but I was talking to one of them, and I ended up cutting him into pieces (wtf ? lmao)

I can’t recall my dreams much lately…


October 16, 2022

Nothing crazy today, apart from the fact that I was drinking blood from someone’s throat like a vampire. I was also in bed with two men for some reason.


October 17, 2022

Another dream with Belial’s energy today, I guess he is coming back around :blush:

I was dreaming that I was getting a big tattoo, of Belial, Lucifer and Satan’s sigils mixed together. Surprisingly, it was Connor Kendall who was going to tattoo me.

Edit : I just remembered thinking about Tiphareth in the dream, not sure why…


October 19, 2022

I had a few dreams tonight, but I will only talk about one of them mostly.

I was in a room with other people, a huge bedroom with multiple beds I think, and one of the men there was trying to rape me. I ended up screaming at him, and hitting him, telling him how much of a piece of shit he is.
Of course because there was more people in the room, he stopped everything he was doing. But I still continued to scream, telling people about it.


October 20, 2022

In the first dream, I was on a date with a man that I knew in the past. We were in his car, and he ended up driving to his work, leaving me in front of it. The guy didn’t care, he just left me in his car and went to do his things. I was so pissed, I came out of it, leaving every doors of the car open, and started walking away. I was in the streets, looking at my phone to find a way to go home (it was 2 hours away), and crying. A group of girls ended up walking past me, and after seeing me cry, they started helping me.
It was funny, because we started talking about the guy (my date), they knew him. We were saying he worked for the mafia or something. We then talked about the size of his PP, and I was basically saying that yes, he had a big one but he was so bad with it :joy:

In the second one, I was pregnant (again ??!!), and when I gave birth, I think the guy with me didn’t care at all. I was afraid, didn’t know what to do because I didn’t really want the child. But, I didn’t really give birth to a child, but to a cat. A black cat.

I think it’s the third or fourth time I have pregnancy dreams. So there is either something about to happen in my life, something “life changing”, or I don’t know lmao.


Very interesting keep writing and I’ll keep reading :slight_smile: I don’t usually remember my dreams. I’ve had a few i fd remember over the years but few and far between (only 2 weren’t nightmares). So I think mine must be boring if I’m forgetting them pin waking :person_shrugging: at least yours aren’t boring. They’re actually quite interesting reading.

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My dreams always have been a bit crazy, they are all different. Lately they are pretty chill, I don’t have some mind blowing dreams like I’ve had in the past lmao

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October 30, 2022

Very nice dream today. I was visiting a big building in America, with a bunch of tourists. It was an occult temple, can’t remember of who, could have been Golden Dawn or something else.
It was massive. I remember walking around, feeling really weird, and thinking that some people died there. There was a bunch of sigils, like Lucifer and Satan again, Leviathan… in another room, there was huge pieces of crytals on a table, and on them was engraved Belial’s sigil. I think it was some amethyst and something else. I remember putting my hand on them, right on his sigil, and feeling the energy from it.


November 5, 2022

I was in the car with my mom, she was driving and I was on the passenger side. We were on a road in the forest, and my mom was going way too fast for me. I kept telling her to slow down, but she wasn’t listening and instead, she was talking to me about random stuff. At some point there was a deer on the road, and I yelled at my mom to slow down or we were going to hit her, but again she didn’t listen and we ended up hitting the deer at a very high speed. I was very mad at her, but she said she didn’t do anything wrong and the deer was probably alive.


November 6, 2022

I had a few dreams last night, but because I got lazy and didn’t write them down, I forgot most, or at least the details. So I’ll just talk about the most important one for me.

I was at my house, and for some reason my mom had invited my aunt to stay there for a few days (I actually dislike her very much in real life). She had decided to hung up a bunch of papers in some rooms, one being my own bedroom and temple, since I’ve got my altar there. I don’t remember exactly what were those papers, but it was some new age shit. My mom and my cousin were defending her against me(they actually dislike her too), and I was so scared that she would do something to my altar. I remember thinking about Belial in the dream, either because I was scared that my aunt would destroy my altar, or because he was around ?


November 12, 2022

In the first dream, we were getting invaded by some reptilian monsters standing on two legs, there was a lot of them. I was holding them off, and probably killing them too with my voice, by “screaming” at them.

In the second dream… it was weird, but I guess all my dreams are lmao. I could see all the gods leaving Earth, some were just flying directly, and some others were in some kind of plane/boat, slowly taking off. I was in it too, until we passed above my house and I decided to jump off to say good bye to my cats, then started to fly to go back on the plane. It was really a weird feeling when it left the atmosphere completly.

For the last one, it really felt like a movie. I would probably be able to write books out of those dreams lmao.
I’m not sure what had happened at start to be honest, but I was under the see, riding a sea creature that looked like a plesiosaurus, with a woman (i was a man i think). I remember seeing two breating holes on each side of its neck, right next to its fins/flippers. I’m not sure where I was in the world, because we stopped swiming at some point, the creature had gotten hitself stuck in an old fishing net, so we were trying to remove it.
Then I realized there was some kind of cameras maybe 40-50 meters away, looking at us directly, and I said we should be going away fast.
I still remember touching the plesio, and the feeling of its skin under my hand, really strange, and it felt so real.


November 21, 2022

Hm, I need to write down my dreams more often, I’m getting lazy :eyes:

Tonight’s dream was very interesting (like all my dreams i guess lmao). I had climbed a high mountain, not sure why, but I couldn’t go down anymore, and so I thought the best thing would be to fly away, like I used to do in my dreams. And so I jumped, and managed to start flying. I don’t remember what happened after, but I ended up in a place with other “special people”.
From what I could understand, they had “possible” powers, but never really manifested them. One woman said she always had dreams about her flying, but never tried.

There was a moment in the dream, where I was about to eat with them in the kitchen, but decided not to for some reason (no clue why), and went outside. There was a big storm, lot of wind and lightnings were touching the ground and starting small fires all over the place. I was trying to direct with my powers what I think was water, on those fires, to put them out. And seems like it was a big deal, because when I turned around, everyone was looking at me totally shocked.
I then went back to the kitchen, to find they had left me some ice cream in a bowl (very nice).

Then I’m not sure what happened, I think one of the people there started going crazy, and was “taking” others powers. Then when that person tried to go against me, I defended myself very well, throwing big things at them, like tables and such, and pushing them away. I think I managed to take them down at the end.


January 1, 2023

It’s been a while since I posted in here, I’ve been really lazy ahah.

I had a few dreams, all were really interesting. I don’t remember some things sadly, but that’s alright. Not gonna lie, they feel like Qliphoth dreams, mostly because of the first, as there was a lot of blood and dead people everywhere.

In one dream, there was something going on in the world. It wasn’t really a sickness I think, more like some supernatural stuff. Some people were vanishing in front of our eyes, like magic. Not everyone was affected. I couldn’t find my mom at first, so I decided to “go back” in time for her, which I had to do a few times before finally finding her.
Then I don’t know, I was standing on… something with a lot of other people. It was gigantic, and alive. Then at some point, there was like a patch of it’s skin, or what I think was skin, that came up, and under it was… I don’t even know how to describe it, dead people ? Heads ? Squeletons ? There was so many. One person with me said something like that thing killed hundreds of people, and then it started talking, saying how they killed millions, no, billions of beings. Everyone with me suddently left, and I ended up being the last one, stuck with that thing, who managed to catch me in its hands. It was making fun of me, wondering if it should tear off my fingers one by one (what the fuck dream lmao).
I was begging it/him to not do it, to not hurt me, which I think he decided to not do it and let me go.

I had another dream after that, but I’m not sure if it was part of the first, or a second one.
In it, I had to kill my mom because of something. I do not remember the reason at all, but even my mom in the dream agreed that I should kill her.
I started strangling her, but ended up stopping just before the end, telling her I just couldn’t do it. We ended up holding eah other, crying.

In the third dream, I dont even remember what I was doing exactly. I know I ended up being lucid at some point, looking at my hands at being like “Oh I’m dreaming”, and started calling Belial and I think Anpu too. I was even like “Samedi ?”, since I know he is around me a lot lately, thought he might show up. But none of them did. I dont know what I did after that, I was in a house that I did not know, with a very nice garden.


January 14, 2023

I had a dream about my dead dog last night. He has been dead since a while now, a few years, and I already had several dreams about him, for example in one, he was telling me he would like to come back with us.
In this dream, he looked a bit different than how he looked before, almost like a lab. I told him I was sorry that I didn’t take care of him enough (during all those years I was in depression). It’s actually a thing that is still bothering me, I still feel bad about it, but I feel like he forgives me.
If I have another dog one day, I’ll make sure to give him his name.


January 15, 2023

In the first one, I dreamt of my co-worker. We don’t work in the same area, but we see each other a lot. In the dream he looked… very interested in me, in a sexual way.

Not my first time dreaming about someone, who actually ended up being interested in me. So, will see.

The second dream was about vampires. I do not remember much details to be honest, it was very “what the fuck”, that’s all I know.


January 16, 2023

Writing it down now, because I might forget about it in the morning fully when I wake up.
It is almost 2am, and I woke up from a dream 5 mins ago.

In it, I was reading a facebook conversation that was happening in a group I was in. I’m not sure if it was happening in dm’s or not. One girl that I knew, started saying how she had cursed several people by using a voodoo ritual or something, she then linked a website, saying the ritual was on it. In real life, I don’t click on links, unless it’s from someone I trust. But anyway, I ended up clicking on it, and instead it downloaded something on my PC.
Feeling something was up (because my desktop had changed), I was trying to delete the file, but it was not working. Then, I saw that a text file had been created on my desktop, and something was being written down on it. I had been hacked, and I was now talking with the hacker, who also was a magician.

What I could gather from what he was writing, because it was really vivid, I wasn’t the only one who clicked on it, and it looked like he had hacked, and cursed, other people who had clicked on the link. I was trying to talk with him, so he wouldn’t curse me too. I remember asking for protection from Belial, saying it out loud a few times, and my older sister who was right next to me, was starting to panic, and was scared she would get cursed. I told her she was totally fine, it was only me.

I’m not sure if the guy ended up cursing me or not. I was not scared in the dream, just… really uneasy. I wonder if something is not up, because my intuition is in red flag mode right now, wondering if someone didn’t try to curse me. Not that it would bother me to be honest, but I don’t even know who would try that lol. It could be a random ass dream, but… hm, doubt it. Maybe it’s not a curse or an attack from someone, but something else ?