Marseille Tarot Card Meanings (Trionfi della Luna)

Marseille Tarot Card Meanings

A thread for exploring the meanings of Marseilles tarot cards, using the Trionfi della Luna deck by Deviant Moon Inc..


Knight of Cups
Cavalier de Coupe

  • Arrival; approaching towards
  • Heart over head
  • Creative adventures
  • Romantic quests
  • Humanitarian work
  • Healers & Saints
  • Fantasy, dreams & inspiration
  • Correcting mistakes

Knight of Cups Reversed

  • Emotional rollercoasters & frustration
  • Destabilising sensitivity
  • Overwhelmed & disillusioned
  • Delayed celebrations or honors

Note: Does not wear the winged helmet of Knight of Cups as seen in RWS and Thoth. Rides a blue horse (traditionally), not the apocalyptic white horse of death. Overall seems very similar to RWS Knight of Cups.