Mao Shan Moon Essence Drawing 🌙💧

Mao Shan Moon Essence Drawing

“This is the same model as for Qi in Daoism, Prana in Yoga and the Astral Light/Magnetic-Electric Fluid in western magic. The master of western magic will call these electrical (yang) and magnetical (yin). Furthermore, a master can separate the two and use them for different functions, or in combination for various effects…As another interesting sideline, the Witches of Thessaly in ancient Greece were said to have mastered a technique known as Drawing Down the Moon in order to fuel their sorcery…The ancient scriptures of Maoshan also teach how to draw in the Essence of the Moon…”

~Jason Read

The most common method is to physically look at the moon, standing in a relaxed posture and gazing at it. Some texts suggest protruding the tongue. Breathe in the essence of the Moon and visualise its yellow light building on the tip of the tongue in a bubble. When you intuitively feel it is ready, swallow and nestle it in the dantian. Practice regularly at least weekly.

One can also practice without the Moon being present, simply visualising the Moon above the crown point of the top of your head. With natural breathing. Inhale the yellow lunar ‘cream’ down your central channel into the dantian.

The method of imbibing the solar essence is almost identical. The magician simply faces the Sun. Ideally, this would be done on waking and facing the East as the solar disc is rising. Breathing in the red energy and storing it in the dantian to add to the total store of Qi.

:point_up: the text above was pulled word-for-word from Fox Magic: Handbook of Chinese Witchcraft and Alchemy in the Fox Tradition by Jason Read.



Helios Unbound has a similar approach of breathing it in, but uses a different energy system similar to the chakra locations, but not quite. Since it’s about Helios, there isn’t a similar Moon practice, that I recall, treating it as the Inverse of sorts to the Sun. It does go through the entities of the 28 mansions of the Moon, but that’s it.

I would like to add that once the user can connect with the Moon, it doesn’t matter where it’s at in orbit, you can connect to it across the world, if need be. Same with the sun on cloudy days.


Did they use the Angels of the Mansions according to Agrippa, or?


Looking quickly, the book itself leans heavily on PGM references. This is Hecate-based and the daemons are apparently from the Picatrix.

First mansion’s daemon is Geriz. Second is Enedil. Third is Annuncia.

Does that answer it? I can do more digging, if you’d like.


Thank you! Yes, from those names it was clear to me where they were from. I know a few sources with names of the Daemonae and Angels of the Mansions, so I was curious.

I have become rather interested in Helios Unbound.


Fucking hell, is this why I have an infernal habit of protruding and resting my tongue between my teeth when I am sleepy? (Don’t even wanna mention how many times I’ve properly chomped on my tongue while dozing off :melting_face: )

On a real note though, this rings a bell. While I don’t commonly gaze at the moon (or sun) during its execution, this is quite similar to something I do. :thinking:

Watching with interest