Magickal Language

Hey all I am curious if anyone here speaks/writes with a specific language when practicing magick? I want to write all of my spells/grimoires in a “magickal” language. I am specifically interested in invented languages (Dovahzul, Gerudo, Elvish). List any (real or invented) languages you use in practice and how hard it was to learn them please :smiley:


Back in 1983 I did a university course in Blasphemy, Profanity and Swearing for my Batchelor of Arts degree. I passed the exam, mainly because of my proficiency in swearing. So, when the need arises Magickally, I fall back – almost instinctively - on what I learnt back then. Once you’ve been taught Blasphemy, Profanity and Swearing by studied, passionate, devoted academics, it’s learning that never fades.

Admittedly, I don’t use it too much Magickally, but when the need arises, I’m so glad I have the knowledge and experience – especially for banishing!



:laughing::laughing::laughing: @UncleAl that’s funny as hell say that. In my primary banishing ritual I use a tibetan brass singing bowl and do the circumambulation around my circle and bowl and I say “any spirits who do not belong here… ( dramatic pause… A GREAT NOISE VIOLATION SHOUT :mute:) GET THE FUCK OUT AND DO NOT RETURN!!”




I scream, yell and tell them to get the fuck out of my space

“All of you, creeping and crawling, flying and sneaking… If you’re not invited you’re not welcome and can fuck off. Do not do so, I will make you move”… Screeching and projecting tour voice seems to help me.

But please don’t take my method as gospel - I am nowhere near the experience level of some of the other Magicians on here and you should defer to them for good advice.


I use bells… Would you say a singing bowl would be better? Bells and sage.

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You can use bells sure, the difference is the vibratory humming buzz of a singing bowl ( during banishing) disrupts the energy structure of entities and makes them run. When an offending spirit is put I’m the bowl and it is struck say 3 times and circled counterclockwise they vibration is painful, damaging and disorienting for spirits.

Now a bell is typically used to demarcate certain periods in a structure of rituals. To mark say the end of a rite. It’s like a period in a sentence .

It has other uses especially in specific rites, my signature curse breaker requires a bell to be rung 7 times.

The bowl is exceptionally versatile also, clockwise it can be used to give energy to spirits and help them densify , it can infuse an object with a vibration, it can heal, it can bring positive chi into the area.

There so many applications for that tool I’ve discovered that basically if I had one tool only and I was on a deserted island with no food or water. I’d pick the bowl, I’d sit very relaxed breathe focus on my wish and start a slow steady clockwise circle and make it manifest that way.


Thank you all for your input, however I was hoping to keep the thread focused on language. While yes profanity is language lmao it is not the type I am talking about lol. I was thinking along the lines of Latin, Greek, Sumerian etc. Even made up languages are acceptable (i.e. Elvish, Sheikah, and other languages made specifically for books and other forms of media.)


I occasionally use Latin or Hebrew in rituals, mainly chants. For example, I have used “victoria amat curam” (Victory demands dedication) as a chant while focusing on my goal to help bring success. Latin is easier for me to use than Hebrew, as I learned Latin while I was in college. I am self teaching myself Hebrew, which makes it more difficult. I would like to learn more Old English to experiment with ritual. A majority of the time I just use English.

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I know that if your words are suffused with emotional energy and projected you get results. I work myself to fever pitch. I sweat! If you learn The Naamah Evocation by heart and then deliver it with passion, Naamah always answers - quickly and materially.
Hope that helps.


Yup " enflame yourself with desire!! "

I’m probably one of the minority here that think languages aren’t inherently magical. Yes, I will stay on topic and this also remarks on profanity.

I’m also very aware and have several books on conlangs (none on artlangs, too practical).

I was recently in ritual was told, “words are spoken intent”. Yet most that utter things don’t have manifestations.

I “know” barbarous tongues are made up, so they don’t work for me, even when I “subscribe” to the surrounding ecosystem, like the Lovecraft current I continue to work in.

For what it’s worth, I’m in a Chinese Taoist magical course now (several, directly related schools) and there are a few things we “must” do in those languages, but the majority daily practices are not.

I do admit to remembering where my Esperanto books were when I saw the topic.

While vibrations cand and are regularly used in various practices (including the lineage practices I hope to join in 6-12 months), there still seems to be a necessary component of intent and impressing that intent.

Otherwise, every person’s loss and petition would be a serious spell, for that given language.

Hope that makes sense.

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If I first read something in another language, I tend to stick with that one when using the material ritually. My own ancestry is Slav, and I find both Russian and Slovak have a polysyllabic, sonorous quality that lends itself to ritual.


These are the exact words you should use. And suffuse these words with emotion. Try to work up a sweat of intensity; then project the words to the four corners of the multiverse!
That stated, I use English and English swear words.