Lunar Eclipse Tarot Spread (Sarah Faith Gottesdiener)

Lunar Eclipse Tarot Spread (Sarah Faith Gottesdiener)

This is a spread designed to get you thinking about bigger pictures. Give yourself a calm, quiet time to spend with your cards. Shuffle your cards until you feel called to stop. Place the cards in a circle, going counter-clockwise. Put card one at the top.


Card 1: What does the moon want me to know at this time?
Card 2: What healing opportunities are available when I trust my inner voice?
Card 3: How is my shadow currently appearing?
Card 4: What is the gift of acknowledging this shadow?
Card 5: What is a useful teaching of my current life lessons?
Card 6: What help and support is available to me at this time?
Card 7: What must I leave behind?
Card 8: What do my higher power, source, or my guides want me to know about where to focus
my energy now?

Ref: The Moon Book (Sarah Faith Gottesdiener)