Lucifer and His Sigils

I’ve been considering calling upon Lucifer for opening of the spiritual vision and to be one of my primary spirits for magick. There have been many times his presence helped me. But im always a bit confused on which parts of his character are appropriate for things.

His most popular sigil is the vertical “Asia” symbol. His round seal ive noticed is the more destructive aspect that disburses understanding from people, unraveling networks, causing confusion, etc.

But I’m wondering if anyone has dealt with Lucifer through his “Europe” sigil. What effects does it have? (If you’ve ever worked with it)

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I apologise for being a prig, but these aren’t ‘Sigils’, they’re ‘Seals’.
I’m incorrigibly Old School. Forgive me!
And keep us informed.

Ps. Only ever used the inverted ‘A’ Seal - the one almost every Magician uses. That stated, I’m more of a Satanist than a Luciferian.

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The tall seal seems to be his solar side. (The east air side) The round seal is his thaumiel side which is the dark, destructive, shadowy Qliphothic side. Then there is this one I showed above which I’m not sure of.

There is also the one from the Book of Arbatel, as well as the Book of Pope Honorius.

I’ve only ever used the first two.

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Is this from observance or is there a resource you got this information from? If a resource, can you share the name? Thanks!

It’s what I’ve gather from using the seal.

In grimoires he’s known to “make men rise against one another.”