Looking for a seal

I’m looking for a seal. I just saw it flash in my vision several times.

It’s black with the carvings in gold

It looks sorta enochian but not exactly.

I might try to draw it


Is this or something similar to this familiar to anyone.

The seal was all black and only the inside markings were gold.

It’s not complex but it came through very strong.


The bottom left quadrant is similar to Horror Pain Deaths head contents.

And a jack. Like the kids toys from forever ago…

Or a tire jack…

The single line then the two together make me think numbers 1 and 2 Jack sign =4 but…a straight line in number speak to my mind would be a dash.

So 1 2 4- or 1-4 2

But logically the dash could be… zero- zip.

1240 or 1042

Idk why I see numbers when I look at it.

It could also be 3 because two balls and a line.

So it would be 1243 or 1342


Because it’s similar to dominoes.

But it’s not the right combinations of dots because it has lines.

The last one with 3 is right if the numbers Matter though.


It is domino’s… Huh…

I just have so many questions though.


Yeah. I grew up playing.

It took me a minute to figure out the code since it’s dots and sticks or dots and lines instead of just dots.

I swear it’s dominoes and the numbers are this:

Just depends on which way you go around the circle.

Is it your map, for that room you didn’t know where was…?


Actually there might be a number game with dots and sticks counted like this.

I’m not sure what it is, but I swear I’ve seen numbers represented this way before somewhere.


But in dominos isn’t the X one Five?


It can also be 7,8, 9 12, 15. Depends on how many dots and how high the set goes. Each dot represents 1 and you add them to see what the total is, and that is what that end of the domino represents. You add the other half to it for the total, if your laying out sideways.

Head on, only the half facing out counts, on each branch as they build.

Only multiples of five score.


The one is the section that stood out to me the most. That I kept looking at. So I feel like I need to start there.

Makes sense, start at/with one and go from there.

But it’s really the part that came through clearest/strongest.


Well, I would enter that zone and assume rest the setup of surrounding zones. Assuming you can enter it first.

You may need to go through them to get there, that could be the zone your trying to find?

How does it correspond with your other brain maps? Number wise. Do you know where any of the zones are If we number them this way to see if it’s correct for the one you don’t know?


I said it was going through a cave… look what one touches on the place where the pineal gland is. Just like I was talking about


Hang on, let me mirror that backward.

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I’m pretty sure this is it.

I think this sigil shows you where room four is from rooms 1,2 and 3, if you look at the image like it’s a circle instead of a brain and disregard all the other zones.

When I highlight zones 1,2 and 3 it makes a circular shape on the brain map.

Or am I wrong and 4 is on the brain map and I don’t see it?



4 is on the map


One, two three and four connect , three and four connect to two and two connects to one.


And four is the one you focus on? Maybe it’s saying the way into the hidden room is through four then.

Hang on imma highlight them on that map and see what it looks like.


If you look at the brain map in a mirror or mirror image it- the numbers are in the same order as thst seal.

1 3 4 2 , it’s laid out on the brain map exactly the same.

Just need to flip it so it’s at the same point hang on.


Now it’s exactly the same. The seal is the brain map reversed and upside down.

I don’t know why give it to you like that tho :thinking:

I can solve any puzzle, but not the mysteries of the messages :rofl::rofl: