List of entities & their powers

I compiled this spreadsheet for personal use, but I am sharing it here as a quick reference for anyone who would like to perform layered rituals.

It’s not an exhaustive list – it was something I created for myself after combing through my favourite grimoires and noting names/powers which would be particularly helpful to me, at the time I created it.

The spreadsheet has multiple tabs for each category (Magick/General, Wealth, Healing, Love/Beauty, Influence, Baneful, Protection and Other).

The named entities are from grimoires that I own and most frequently use:

  • AaoM: Archangels of Magick – Damon Brand
  • DoM: Demons of Magick – Gordon Winterfield
  • UM: Universal Magick – Corwin Hargrove
  • 72AoM: The 72 Angels of Magick – Damon Brand
  • AoO: The Angels of Omnipotence – Jareth Tempest

The ‘difficulty’ ranking ranges from 1 to 3 and is based on the amount of effort expended. For example, rituals from The 72 Archangels of Magick are rated 3 (highest difficulty) because they require 11-day rituals beginning and ending on certain weekdays. DoM is ranked 1 (easiest difficulty) because you can perform a single petition rite (or partial evocation, or full evocation, once only), and AoO entities are ranked 2 because you are encouraged to set your own ritual timeframe and stick to it (despite the glyphs in the book being extremely easy/accessible for use).

If you wish to access the entities named, I would recommend purchasing the books or eBooks on Amazon.

I would recommend also reading this:

Let me know if you have trouble accessing the link.

Otherwise, happy casting :wave:


@Veil So when I opened it (list of powers) it had some do you wanna edit get the app message on it so giving you the heads up on that and suggesting if you don’t want some future dork messing up your hard work (adding deleting and editing it willy nilly) you add at the start of it some sort of …

please don’t edit this let me know if you want an entity or info added

Just a suggesting. I saw that message (please don’t edit) on a spreadsheet online before (it was gardening not magick related webpage) but when that do you want to edit message that popped opening it up thought I’d suggest it be added in case it really did mean someone could mess it up at a later date.


Ty for the heads up. As far as I can see it’s set to read only mode, so people should not be able to edit it, even with the link… Looks like if people wanna edit it they must specifically request edit access. Let me know if that’s not the case.


No prob.

I doubt it’ll happen but I figured it must have happened to that person if they had to put it on their webpage.

If it does happen and I see it I’ll let you know. It’s good to hear it’s set to read only.


Thanks mate, appreciate the heads up :v: :smiley: