Lessons of the Deck - Infernal Edition

I have done this before with the Travis McHenry Occult Tarot deck and atill have my hand-written notes in the binder in my ritual space. I felt like it was time to do.it again. I will also be doing the Angelic version in another thread.

This is the text I use when asking:

Spirit _____

I ask you to teach me a lesson and/or grant me wisdom appropriate to your purview and abilities.

This should take no longer than two weeks, unless you acknowledge that I will call upon another at that time or I am told the lesson is complete or the knowledge gained before that.

If these conditions mean it is at an impasse or unacceptable, please let me know immediately amd I will choose another, saving your experience for later.


First up:

Since we’ve met before, he quietly accepted and went about his business.

I reached back out to offer some incense and he chose a stick of Dragon’s Blood.

-Lessons of the Deck - Angelic Edition


Bifrons had some issues with my schedule and a lack of time. I’m behind in my workings, but he was quite gracious.

He motioned me out towards the area where I have set aside the space for the dead. He made a sort of black and grey tombstone there.

B: “The tombstone has two main purposes. It acts as a focal point for the dead (when traveling) and also an area to wait to connect back with the living (when they come to visit). It helps both parties, especially if they become lost.”

B: “I grant you this tombstone.”

M: “For myself?” (He was amused)

B: “As a (place for the lost to come to).”

I thanked him and later, received that this sort of collection point for the lost is now less than 15 feet from my gate to Hel’s realm. I don’t know what’s powering it.

Hail Bifrons.

Up next:

I asked which I should contact, Vassago or Pruflas and got Pruflas. I used the sigil at Balck Witch Coven to call him. He came almost instantly.

P: “You are a great promoter of discord and strife, when it suits your purposes and carries with it a message of justice. I approve of this. Selective justice is still a noble cause and originator of discord and strife.”

P: “I condone you (and) I condone your actions (that he is speaking of). Continue forth and call on me if you have need.”

Me: “Is that the lesson?” (He chuckled, with dark undertones).

P: “No, that is not the lesson. And I don’t need to destroy your life to make (teach) one.”


Pruflas came to my space to let me know the lesson was complete. I believe it is related (somehow) to a recent dust up.

Hail Pruflas.

Up next:

Belial came instantly, before I could even open the sigil. He agreed to the conditions and gave me some advice for moving forward with the above conflict, pointing towards specific areas I should consider next.


Where did you get these? I really like them?



My eyes are getting a little old and some of the sigils are a tad hard to make out. But we both know you can just energize it on the card and still call.


Awesome thanks!


Up next:

He selected a Dragon’s Blood cone and left.


Mine will be delivered tomorrow!!!


Look what I got today :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Bit of humor for your afternoon/evening.

So, there was a big issue here between me an a Goetic about a specific person I’m mentoring. Like, large confrontation and at the end of it, I was like, “for fuck’s sake, thank god that shit is completed.”

Azazel comes and says, “I’ve completed your lesson for this. I chose this latest fight as the lesson, rather than break up your marriage.”

Something seemed a little off, but I was like, uh, all right. Thanks?

Fucking idiot. It’s ASMODEUS up right now, not Azazel… :joy: Got me good.


The two week timer is getting close, so I hit Asmodeus up and he suggested I draw another card. Things were still being set up on his end. Fair enough.

Up Next:

Beleth came as soon as I put out the intent to call. I was thankful, given I’m still under the weather. He chose a Frankincense cone.


Beleth came and said he was complete. I have no idea what happened or what was done.

Hail Beleth.

Up next:


Botis came and accepted the agreement. As soon as he did, he basically gave me a few sentences about how my trip, postponed and rescheduled, will go okay.

Well, it was within the agreement.

Hail Botis.

Up next:

Furfur gave me some advice, “Make it a ‘usable’ lesson and wisdom or I can tell you the stars won’t align on top of each other one night and fulfill it.”

He was pretty amused. He has a point.


Due to the heavy nature of the Kasdeya Rite, I was given the impression that I should put this on hold and maybe my angel one, too.

Asmodeus claimed credit for the fireworks this weekend, so I acknowledged and put his card into the finished pile.

Hail Asmodeus.

I will draw another card when I’m to pick this back up. I don’t think it will be longer than a month, but this first month of the Rite is about the four elements and they don’t want interference.


Finally! I got permission to start this deck up again. Ironically, I ran out of candle holders for chime candles, so it’ll be tomorrow. The ones freshly out are still too hot to touch. My old ass has to get to bed before anything could burn substantially.

But hey, the Kasdesya spirits finally said it would be okay! Tomorrow (Thursday!)

Uh, this hiatus with these energies has been killing me…


Up next :

Orias accepted.

O: “I can tell you this - you may gain a friend of a foe, but not a foe from a friend” (in these next two weeks or however long)

M: “Is that my lesson?”

O: “Yes, but not for this.”

I’ll take that.


Orias indicated that an incident the other night was his doing, in that tempers didn’t flare and a scene wasn’t made. Works for me.

Up next:

Stolas indicated it would take more than a few days, but shouldn’t take 2 weeks.