Kundalini yoga

I’m now on my second week of kundalini yoga. I found a lady I really love, she is into the spiritual side of this yoga and not just the stretching. Took me a while to find what I was looking for but I’m definitely doing the best I can for my geographical location.

On tuesdays I have 1on1 hour long session and on thursdays I have a group session. I am also looking into adding in a a Sunday morning session but I haven’t pulled the trigger on that. I will either this week or next. I need to get comfortable with that Sunday group because that is who teaches the class that would certify me as a trainer. It’s a year long course that starts in sept. I’m on a good path to prepare myself for that class.

And it gets more exciting. Ive found a qi-gong/tai chi teacher too. He also teaches the spiritual side of it all and not just stretching poses. I haven’t even reached out to begin this process. But I will be when the time is right.


With this I will be keeping notes and experiences on the techniques I learn. This log should get a lot more interesting come September.