Kasdeya Rite of Ba'al: Blood Rite of the Fifth Satan

What is the Kasdeya Rite of Ba’al? It’s a 20 week process where one works with a different entity for a week, with some overlap in the end. It is said to be a life altering experience and is absolutely not for beginners or the ill-disciplined. According to Connolly, less than half complete the process to the end. And, looking at the entity line up, there are good reasons for this.

I’m using the Kindle version, so I’ll be copying down the rituals into a grimoire I’ll be keeping of the work through.

(Page 20) The typical weekly process is as follows:
Day 1- Raise Energy
Day 2 - Manifestation
Day 3 - Offering Rite
Day 4 - Skrying
Day 5 - Magical Rite
Day 6 - Ascension
Day 7 - Balancing and Meditation.

There are morning and evening “prayers” and the rites are done inside a balanced Demonolatry circle.

There are some substitutions and omissions I will be making.

Instead of the two oils listed, I will be using Belladonna’s Botanicals Ave Satanas oil. I don’t hardly use oils, ointments, or insert anything similar here. Since the process calls for it in two areas, I decided to compromise and use one.

I will not be using Lucifer at all in this rite. I don’t trust him for past mistruths and having him in this rite would mean there would be several weeks that I wouldn’t trust most of what I would get from him. These are just my experiences with him over several years and yours are yours. Instead Lucifuge Rofocale has stepped up to fulfill that spot, Leviathan concurred with it, and the deal was struck.

Connolly uses Zagam, instead of Zagan. I think I knew why at some point, but I wanted to bring it up that I will be using Zagam here. Not an alteration, but it isn’t a spelling error when you see it.

It calls for a few incense types in here that I don’t feel like buying another book to find the mixtures for. So, I will be using the variety I have on hand and if the spirit wants to select something else, they can let me know. I will make my resin incense available to them, if desired, but not every day. Why? Because there is only 1 incense type listed in the book and I’m giving them the option of 16, not including the resin, which has 3. Seems fair to me.

I’m using a stainless steel mixing bowl to collect my blooded sigil offerings, not an earthenware container I’m not going to use again once this is done. Speaking of that, I’m using drawing paper instead of parchment, because I’ve never had the desire to use parchment.

I will likely use juice instead of the red wine, as it says it can be used in the book. Why? Because I
will likely have to go to the doctor at some point and they’re going to ask if I drink every day, just like they ask everyone else. If I say yes to that question, flags get set off that likely won’t ever get unflagged. The same could happen with work for the periodic scrutiny, except that could cost me my job. Not worth it. I may go every-other-day or every three, but the point of it isn’t for anything sacred, it’s to help ground after the ritual and bring you back before going to bed or similar.

I will be using a darker green bowl for scrying and not a purpose built one. I don’t know which method I will like (fire, water, etc…) and will make the proper instrument when I do.

I’m not using ritual ink. My pens largely stay in my ritual space and soak up the energies. Or don’t. I largely don’t care. But if I ever get around to learning calligraphy, I will then make some ritual ink and make it all prettified.

I likely won’t be using a second chalice. Just the one I currently use. Guess we’ll see if I change my mind. If I need a second one, I will likely use a coffee mug and keep it in my space for the duration.

I may not use the black prayer cord, because I can’t remember what it’s for :joy: I’ve read through the book once and parts several times. If I need one, I will make it out of the extra crocheting yarn I have at the house.

I’m not terribly concerned about this, as I’ve done 6 month rites before for other areas and have the discipline to do the work. Guess we’ll see how hairy this gets.


Here are the two stones needed for the rite - a Tiger’s Eye and a Smoky Quartz. The amulet, which was my choice, is the Third Pentacle of Saturn.

The creeks around here are iffy when it comes to how clean they are, so I used some Spring Water. Prior to putting the items in there (for 3 days), I ran them through some incense to help remove the manufacturing process. I would’ve liked to use running water, but there really isn’t any here I would trust that’s accessible.


I love that you trust Lucifuge Rofocale over Lucifer :joy:

(Not sarcasm)


He’s the only entity I have a pact with, which was his idea. He already had a week of his own. Now he’ll have 3, I think.


Dude this is badder than bad this is badass. Wow :flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed:


Thanks. I’m looking forward to it, even though I know it’s going to suck. I’d overlooked the book until @Nephenthe said he was interested in it. Then, I don’t know, a month or so later, I decided to really look at it and KNEW I was going to do it.

I’ll still be doing some other work at the same time, like finishing Pele’s grimoire and whatever Leviathan feels I should do, but this is going to be my primary focus.

Not all of the weeks have specific rituals in them and a lot is expected from the practitioner. It also gives it more personal relevance and challenges you more intimately.


In the past 6 days, I have washed and changed the water out on the items, let them air dry for 24 hours, and put them into Kosher Salt (the bulk salt available in the cooking aisle here). They’ve been in the salt for 24 hours.

I was supposed to take them out and wear them for the next 2 weeks.

But, on my run today, Belial came and said I would start tonight. I protested. Ba’al came and Leviathan. I start tonight. No attunement for the protection and stones, it seems.

What’s my phrase? “Screw It Let’s Do It”. Indeed. Tonight.


It went better than I expected, but not like I had hoped. I prefer to have preparation time. Not running the dishwasher, cleaning up the rest, and walking out into my ritual space…

I know about the elemental circle of demonolatry, have done it a few times, but largely don’t use it. Since this path calls for it, I did it. And, against my preference, I used Lucifer for the circle. On my run, Belial said tonight, Ba’al, and Leviathan concurred. Belial requested I use Lucifer for the elemental circle calling, to represent Air. I told him to stick it. But, Leviathan asked me to, to get familiar with the process. So, Lucifer gets one week in this circle.

I don’t care if he tried to make amends one day before. You owe me. Pay up or get lost without someone else to vouch for you. And he as one week in this process, Belial’s. Week One.

(Lights are out in the house, let’s see if I can type this mostly right with my small writing…

I didn’t get the attunement process that is suggested for the Kasdeya Rite listed in the book. The cleansing is 1/2 the time in the salt, bit no attunement (to me to make the tools more relevant, potent. My opinion, the amulet, which mine is for protection).

I opened the circle as a demonolator would, but knowing they were largely already here. But when I called Belial through the Middle Pillar “ritual”, using his enn and knowing he was here already, he came down like a weight, like a pile of Earth on top of me, trying to crush me. I felt myself being pushed down, almost doubling over. I continued with the enn and attuning to him until it became unnoticeable.

The elemental circle likely contributed, but I wouldn’t have done it any other way. One mistake that people make when stripping things out is that they assume that because they’ve done similar, that it will act the same way. I’ve been fully possessed by Belial before, my only full possession, and it still affected me. Scores of hours of partial possessions on top of this. I was still affected.

I didn’t feel anything from the El-XXXX mantra. I didn’t during Helios Unbound, either and I did that through Month Six, which was like 7-8 in real time, with me repeating daily things while trying to move back from Hawaii and several plane trips, hotel stays. The EL-whatever doesn’t seem to do anything to or for me. Not opposed to it. It would make somethings much easier, as I could rely on existing practices and/or dogma. Maybe it’s just me.

When I eventually lifted the stones and the amulet, Belial got serious (overtly serious) and told me to keep them on me. Being me, I asked why, if they were buried in salt all night, after being empowered. His response was that I should do it as needed (salt them) and they would also tell/remind me. I mean, otherwise, I’m losing empowerment, in some theories.

I forgot to do the black and white candles. They are symbolic and decorative. I’m between the black and white one as balance. If I remember tomorrow, I will do them. I don’t mind simple ritual effects from unblessed, uncharged candles. But the WORK is done by the spirits called and my effort and willingness to muscle through the consequences/results.

Belial is through this week. Day 1 is raising the entity’s energy. Tomorrow is the Manifestation Rite, where you provide a list of stuff for them to wreck/rebuild/whatever as they see fit. They’re themed in the first month. After that, you rewrite and add/subtract for the same entity ( if they have another week) or create a fresh one. But nothing really says they stop at one week, to be honest.

All right, I’m ready for bed. Day 1 of 120 is done.


Very cool man! Sometimes you just get voluntold.


I got volunrolled…


Week 1 Day 2 is done. On Day 2, you talk about manifestation and what you’d like to get or have/make happen, with a bend towards creature comforts, according to the text. This is for Belial, so, the phrase today was, “I accept Belial and all he stands for into my life now or something better for my highest good.” I wanted to stick my thumb and put my thumbprint on it as a way of signing it, but he literally stopped me as I reached for my lancet. Said it wasn’t necessary.

I filled a sheet full of things that I’d like or want, almost none of which are achievable within the span of this entire 5 month span, I’m betting. Some were. Some were exceptionally personal, but three of the entries had to do with wanting to hop on a sailboat and follow the winds. Who doesn’t wish for freedom like that?

Anyway, at the end of the official rite, Belial wanted to talk and unlike most of out conversations, it was clear that I was largely to listen and not probe or ask questions. I said one sentence, the rest is from him and the spacing he wanted is his, too.

You will not get that which you seek by mundane pursuits alone. Yet, you have also done them (the magical and doing work for it for him and others). Why is it that you do not yet have them?

Me: “I don’t know. Lack of drive? Wasting time?”

You sometimes have these things. But mostly, it’s because you don’t have the right timing. You have seen these things (in visions of the future), yet you doubt them. You must trust that they will happen, for they will.

You are a “doubting Thomas”, but that is not without cause. (The work has been performed, but it hasn’t happened for years now)

Some of these things on your list are doable in short order. We will see to that. Trust us. Have faith. It makes it easier on us.

Used the candles this time. Here’s a photo from Day 2.

I’ve been a bit melancholic today, but not while I was doing this ritual or the three I did before dinner. It happens. But, this is the song that was running through my head earlier and came back after I closed with Belial. I’m not really sure if it applies here, but it was part of the post-ritual experience.


Week 1 Day 3.

I let Belial in for some beer first, before getting started. He clearly wanted it and, while we have disagreements, there isn’t animosity.

The Week 1 Day 3 ritual seems much less involved and half that of the others (could almost be seen as a component of both). This is misleading. There are 2 very important asks here.

The first is that he opens the Gate of Earth to you.

The second is that you as him to accept your “worship and reverence”. This is an important ask, because it signifies that it will or may happen and that he would accept it (might).

Belial may be the breaker of chains, but that doesn’t mean he won’t accept such worship. Just don’t make it a chain or he may have to break you of it.

He is inside me now and we are talking (and sipping beer, now that the ritual is over).

B: “It was good of you to show you are waiting for things to happen. People assume that an advanced magician (not just me, but in general, anyone not a beginner) get everything now. You know this is not the case.”

M: “I do, unfortunately.”

B: “And you know why (partially).”

M: “My plans don’t just involve me, but others, many others, and those have to align, too.”

B: “Yes. Those others, even if not magicians, still have a say in the process.”

M: “Yes (I understand, but don’t like it)”

B: “We also need time to prepare others, for you know you will be journeying with others of ability (mundane and magical, but mostly magical) and bending things (to suit the lifestyle and needs) is easier with 2 or more (over time, some friends, some business). You will make many journeys and not all are on the sea.”

B: “But this is about the Earth Gate today. What is it?”

M: “It seems to be an access to a more raw form of energy using an entity aligned with it, to access their version of it.”

B: “Careful. That’s almost ‘word salad’” (He knows I fucking hate word salad nonsense…"

M: “Is it wrong?”

B: “No. Clarify without salad.”

M: “This is using you as a means of accessing Earth power, but your version of it.”

B: “Simpler.”

M: “Accessing YOUR Earth power (but not all forms of it)”.

(He chuckled)

B: “I like you. You’re amusing and capable. Tell me, what would you do if I refused you access to the Earth Gate?”

M: “I would find another entity or learn to access it myself, on my own.”

B: “That’s the spirit you need. You’ve learned it. But why do you need it (the Earth gate)?”

(Great question)

M: “I don’t know. I think the 4 + 1 (spirit) element theory is cute or great or whatever, but it doesn’t seem to have much practical, direct value. But if I tape into Nature, that does (a more complex combination of the elements). I can’t imagine all of the (theoretical) shifting and adding/subtracting to, say, make a dollar bill or a gold coin (as simpler example than a car or a house). So, I’m not sure how practical it actually is.”

B: “Maybe we should see to that. (I nodded) We are done. Don’t forget the nightly work (before bed). Beer is no excuse.”

(I’ve had two at this point, so all good)


It’s after 11pm (2302) now. I did the rite, but things tonight took longer than expected. My wife is also sleeping on my side of the bed. She’s not made it past 0100-0200 hours in the past, since surgery, but I’m not going to wake her and be THAT kind of jackass. There’s a queen sized air mattress downstairs. Good enough for someone like me. Wish I’d had those in the past…

But, I’m quite tired. My medallion is in the salt, my stones being blessed by Belial. Obligations done. Good night.


Week 1 Day 5 is supposed to be a manifestation ritual with Belial. He called me to start early and I have no idea what I will be doing. I’m waiting (sometimes patiently) for the things I want, so…?

B: “You will be breaking your own chains of your identity. You cling to past achievements a little too closely (tightly). You will call on me to do this, even as I am stand beside you in this space. Get to it.”

I did as I was told to. The words were impromptu. Now, he wants to speak.

B: “Why do you think I had you do that? It’s another way of looking backwards, instead of forwards. It clings part of your mind there, stuck to it, not moving forward as fully as it should (the mind).”

M: “But is that not part of who we are and will be? Where we’ve come from.”

B: “Of course it is. But it isn’t who you are. It is where you’ve come from. However, in your case, this has led to some chains that must be broken. And now you will. Continue and close up the ritual.”

I made a decision today that on Week 3, Lucifer’s week, I will be using Malphas instead. The reason is that the first four weeks are the four elemental energies and I needed another Air for it. I asked Malphas and he agreed immediately. After that week, I will be substituting Lucifuge Rofocale, as intended.


Week 1 Day 6

“Ascension” is different to different groups and vocabularies. Here, using the author’s demonolatry guide, I took it to mean moving towards that entitie’s plane or home.

In this case, I drew and opened Belials seal an project into it, using it as a gate to HIM.

I was standing on a shore, a river of lava (with cooling, black parts) floating past.

B: "Here I stand, as you knew I would (an image I was shown earlier).

M: “At the shores of a ruined landscape?”

B: “Look behind you. There is life, there is green…”

(This was true. Behind us was a lush pine or similar forest, with full, unblemished land, with no worries of the river of lava we were standing at)

M: “Am I here because I knew I’d be?”

B: "Are you here because I’d knew you’d be? (the rest was a bit confusing , but the jist was a question of whether this was happening because I thought it should/would be. because I expected it to be, or because it really was. There was several other non…sense…things, but the point was either to confuse or to cause thought upon the same thing I’d asked earlier. I came to no conclusion, which seemed to be the more sensible one)

B: (He pointed to wards the molten river), “Does this not feed, create Life?”

M: “After Destruction.”

B: “Is that what this path is about?” (He had me and we both knew it)

B: " We have had enough troubles recently. Some of those were my doing. We should make them like this river."

M: “(I was also thinking of an affected, close, friend) It seems like I didn’t create them. Maybe you need to melt them away and recreate (a challenge, as I would not do this without permission, having suffered from doing so in the past)”

B: “That’s fair. But this is (now, also) about you. I have done you a disservice in the past. Shall I destroy and recreate it?”

M: “Are we talking about me?” (He as silent)

M: “What should I be taking from this, Belial?”

B: “Have you not learned this already?”

He closed the meeting.

Week 1 Day 6 done.


Week 1 Day 7

Belial came to me before ritual to finish up. His tone was softer than yesterday’s and this entire week, it’s been more business like than before. I would normally take the rest of the day off to rest and reflect (all 2 hours of it before bed), but he said I needed to being with Flereous today. So, today is both Week 1 Day 7 and Week 2 Day 2.

F: Well done and thank you for answering my call. I know you would’ve rather had rest, but the work will be appreciated. Close the rite and take your rest. (No more rituals tonight, he basically said).

I can’t speak for the weeks of 5 and on, but I don’t understand why I can’t stack and concurrently work through all of the first 4 weeks at once. I’m capable of it, the rites are the same, and it seems as much an attunement to continue on with (with that base) than anything else. I don’t know. I feel I could stagger the starting days so I would be doing a different ritual for each each day, but that could just be my inner analyst kicking in.

Anyway, Week 1 Day 7 and Week 2 Day 1 complete.


“Every day”?


Surprise! I’ve substituted all of the Goetics in this book with Fae and have been swapping names in for machismo…