Is possible to put up barrier around a small city

Don’t who is talking to me right now but they keep talking about this damn thing and I don’t know if it possible my My intuition says it’s doable confidently. I want to hear the forum thoughts on the matter about doing this and maintain it and maybe put this to rest to whoever is bugging me about it.

Oh it’s do able but is something i consider òne of the few true long term workings that you wanna plan out if you try it on any scale. My perspective on this has changed a bit from when i dove into the idea as i dove more into my neigoñg and alchemical practices but it is one of those things that need regular maintenance.

It’s one of those workings that in my experience a practitioner engages when they have enough practical experience to start shifting things outside of their own personal microcosmic sphere and into the macrocosmic sphere.


I’ve made a barrier that has stretched a couple city block and of been able to maintain it relatively easy with occasional maintenance here and there. I never done it on this scale but wonder if you could cleanse the entire area too.

Technically you could but personally i would take a more mixed alchemical approach as my perspectives on cleansing involves energies related to either the pre-heaven Bah-gua formation or the Rune hagalaz which uses similar energies but from the perspective of gunnagagap.

They are both extremely cleansing but in the case of the former it can result in alot of friction since your trying to energies in a constant state of flux to conform to “the moment of timeless perfection” as it were. Where as with the latter can result in energetic or manifested upheaval for anything resisting the cleansing Hagalaz resuls in as this energy is very good as cleaning out “dross” in the sese of that which no longer serves you.

I’m personally okay with the latter but I incorperate a variant of the peering in to drugaskan exercise from black magick of ahrman when i do this as those flames are alcheical in nature.

Ended up with the not so pleasant element not wanting much to do with the areas i end up living in. I tends to use my current dwelling as a start point and expand it from there. Afterawhile it anchors itself onto my nexion altar that has been active for almost a decade which also ties it to the druj nasu’s defensive aspect. :thinking: can only imagine the shenanigans that pop off when someone aims something directly at me with he crap that pops off at the handful of nitwits I’ve had to deal with at work.

Very rare but things go sideways on them hard and in the weirdest ways :rofl:


Thank for your input think I’ve formulated something in my mind. I’ll try making use of dragon magick and some other things think I could do it but it will take some time.

Cześć, naprawdę potrzebuję twojej pomocy. Interesuję się alchemią, ale nie wiem, jak zacząć i na czym ona polega. Czy możesz mi pomóc?

If google translate is any kind of accurate.
The question is welcomed, if you’re looking for a start point i would recommend the HUUL breath. You can find it on youtube.

Also don’t forget t introduce yourself here

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