Invocation of the Agathodaimon (Jason Miller)

Invocation of the Agathodaimon

"The invocation was originally used as an exorcism and invoked the “Headless One.” The Golden Dawn and Aleister Crowley versions changed this to the “Bornless One”… the invocation calls upon the most ultimate and infinite divinity beyond all conception of space and time. The individual is then identified as inseparable from that divinity, awakening the logos or divine spark within. The original can be found in PGM V 96-172. The Crowley version can be found in his Liber Samekh…If you are pressed for time, but want to perform a similar invocation, I have also used the following invocation to great success. I have found it is most potent when performed in Greek, so I include it here in its original language."

~Jason Miller

Orkizo Kretera Theou Plouton Kate Xonta!
(I conjure the Divine Cup (grail of god), which holds all things!)
Orkizo Theon Aionion Aiona te Panton!
(I conjure the god of Aeons, Aeon of all!)
Orkizo Physin Autophye, Kratison Adonaion!
(I conjure self generated nature, mighty Adon-Aion!)
Orkizo Dynonta kai Antellonta Eloaion!
(I conjure the descending and ascending powers Elo-Aion!)
Orkizo te hagia kai Theia Onomata tauta!
(I conjure these sacred and divine names!)
Opos an pemphosi moi to Theion Pneuma!
(That you send to me the divine Spirit!)
Exe me synistamanon!
(Give me union!)
Aposteilon moi ton idion angelon te nykti
(Send to me my own angel in this night!)
Epikaloumai se hagie angele!
(I invoke you sacred angel!)
Elthe kai parasta eis tende ten kreian kai synergeson!
(Come and give help in this operation, and synergize! [i.e. unite!])


(see also the lesser headless evocation)

Ref: The Sorcerer’s Secrets: Strategies in Practical Magick (Jason Miller)


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