Introduction to Runic Magick

The word “Rune” (or Rún, Runa, etc) can be translated to mean a few different things. The three most common I’ve found are: Mystery, Secret and Whisper.

Runes are interesting to me for a number of reasons.

First, is whilst they are letters, they’re really not just that and only that. They’re words. For example, Uruz is Auroch. Fehu is Cattle. Laguz is lake or lagoon (water, really.) By looking at what each rune means, you can find out their Mysteries or energies.

The second, is that in order to understand them fully, you have to be aware of the fact that they’re not just letters/words/symbols, they’re their own consciousness and as such they will bleed into your life in their own ways. They’re not a puppy that will sit and wait for you to come home, they will act of their own accord, unless you can learn to direct their energies. They already have an innate energy behind them, as not only are they connected to certain concepts, but thwy have a lineage of practitioners that have previously used them. So, when you invoke a rune, you’re not only drawing on the power and energy of those concepts, for lack of a better way of putting it, but you’re also drawing on the power of the practitioners who used them before you. They’re aspects of nature and by extent, the universe within and around you.

So, with that being said, I will now get into the mythology of the runes, how to connect to them, so on so forth.

Many people say Odhinn created the runes. This is false. He discovered them, in a very traumatic way. He hung from the World Tree by his neck. For 9 days and 9 nights, peirced by his spear, Gungnir. With no food, no water and no mercy. Towards the end of his ordeal (or should I say initiation) he “spotted them and picked them up screaming”.

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This, in it’s simplest terms, is symbolic of shamanic initiation. Him, dying to himself, FOR himself, to receive power. Death and rebirth.

See, runes aren’t just used to manifest, they transform and they also heal. But they will also tear someone apart.

I connected with the runes in a few different ways. First, I did the method that is most commonly done, which is meditated on them. I drew out the rune in black ink and visualized it coming to life and then it’s energies interacting with me. Then, I began to recite the rune poems. The other is controversial and could result in the removal of the post, so i won’t discuss it here.

But that’s the idea really. To meditate on them and develop a connection with them. Some people also bloody them. Depending on what you prefer, you may use the Elder Futhark or the Younger. I personally use the Elder Futhark and that is what I will be referring to throughout this post and thread.


One can connect with them in whatever order they wish. You’ll notice that they’re organized in 3 rows or Aetts. You have Freyja’s Aett, the first row, Heimdall’s Aett, the second row and Tyr’s Aett, the third row.

The answers vary depending on who you ask but the first has to do with the creation of the universe, the second being disruptive forces of change and the third about spiritual awakening and divinity, basically.

As we all know runes are worked with in numerous ways. I will first focus on divination, now that the mythos has been briefly discussed.


How does one use or invoke the power of Runes?

There are many ways to apply or employ the runes in your practice. Examples are:
-carve runes of protection on the trees of your home
-carve healing runes on branches
-draw them on human flesh
-carve them into bones
-draw them on paper
-visualize them
-chant and intone them

But how do we know what rune does what?

it’s quite simple really. The first step to understanding the meaning is to see what each rune means individually. I shall recall your attention to a statement I made earlier:

These two notes are very important. Each rune is a word. Each rune isn’t just a letter, but a word which is the key to understanding them. You also have to understand that in order to know them you cannot see them through a purely modern lense. You also have to understand what those things meant back then to the ancestors. In other cases, you will even have to look to other traditions.

So, let’s take Fehu. Fehu means Cattle. Today cattle are nothing more than something that grazes our crops and what feeds our family.

There we have one meaning: Nourishment.

But that’s one sided. Let’s travel to the time of the ancestors. My Scandinavian ancestors. This next part will also be crucial to understand the energy behind this path.

Scandinavia and pretty much Northern Europe was a harsh mistress. A lot of the times it was snowing and it was extremely cold. So as you can imagine relying on crops alone, especially for winter, was not an option. If you had no livestock, you were finished. If you can’t make fire, you were finished.

The cattle to the ancestors meant surviving another winter. However, that’s not the full story here either. Before coin, before the dollar, there was one’s property and this is demonstrated not only in Norse culture but also in Irish culture. The amount of cattle one had was a demonstration of their wealth. The cattle at this point, was not only one’s wealth, but their sovereignty. They were of the earth and it’s abundance.

In the Sagas and Eddas you will also see the term “Limrunar” mentioned. This simply means “branch runes” and refers to the healing functions of runes. Fehu, being one of these branch runes.

Another thing one should do, is read the Havamal, as the ancestors are now pointing out.


There are sections of the book, that talk about the uses of the runes. How they can “dull the edge of weapons, call men to arms and calm them.” Amongst other things.


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