Intranquil Spell: my version

(I didn’t know, but I was informed that this classic spell is a variation of the intranquil spell)

Objective: Send damned souls to torment an enemy.

This is a classic, and perhaps many do not know. Simple and efficient, it doesn’t require much knowledge, just self-confidence and hatred of your target.

I recommend to anyone who is going to try, have properly prepared spiritual protections and barriers or shields.

The spell of Incomplete Prayer

Items needed:

  • 1 white candle
  • 1 glass cup
  • 1 small piece of bread
  • Water
  • Photo of your target

Go to a cemetery, graveyard at night and choose a deserted area.

Choose a prayer according to local beliefs or religions.
For example: the Christian prayer “Our Father”

Light the candle on the ground, next to it, put water in the glass halfway and the piece of bread.
In front of the candle place the photo of your target.

Begin to attract the spirits by reciting with authority and firmness:

Those who are here and who suffer in the dark, Those who feel thirsty and hungry, Lost and desperate souls, without relief and suffering, forgotten and wronged souls, I dedicate this ritual to you.

Start praying the “Our Father” or another prayer of your choice and stop halfway through.
For example:

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name; thy kingdom come; thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread… ( Stop here )

Blow out the candle and say:

Damned and lost souls, thank you for coming.
I will finish my prayer that will bring you some peace, I will fill this glass with water to quench your thirst, I will bring you a bigger piece of bread to quench your hunger and I will light this candle again to guide your paths if you grant this request of mine:

I ask you to torment and take all the pain you feel to (name of your target)
Let him not live during the day and let him not sleep at night.
Dear Souls who came here, be with (target’s name) and make him feel fear and despair, sadness and anguish, until the day I return here.
Now leave without doing me any harm and I will fulfill what I promised.

Bury the target’s photo, take some dirt from the place, leave the glass and the bread and end the ritual.
Throw this dirt in front of your target’s house or work place.

Relax and let it happen.

*After each visit to a cemetery, I recommend to always sprinkle salt on your shoulders before entering your home.

*Do not forget to fulfill the promise to these souls.