Intranquil 7day candle ( for the intranquil spirit rite)

I have a question.

I have a situation that has called for me to perform this rite for the first time, ( begins Sunday) without all the preparation I’d be normally comfortable with.

I was able to locate the dominate oil, and for the return to me oil I’m substituting Ylang Ylang oil. ( Should be ok). The one object I could not source in a cost effective, and in a due and timely way was the specific intranquil 7 day candle.

So here’s how I proposed to handle that. I’ve got a 7 day jar here now. I ordered a pink filler candle and I’m going to charge and anoint it to be my intranquil candle.

My theory and belief is that my will and intention coupled with having 90% of what I do need at the core of the ritual is going to be enough to make this happen.

Does anyone with experience on using this rite have any thoughts on this substitution? Does anyone have any pointers or advice for a first time attempt at this rite. I’ve studied it some and just from the ritual work end of it, I’m pretty sure I handle myself here. Still I value what other magicians think that actually have first hand experience here. Thanks :sunglasses::love_you_gesture::horse::smoking:


You are good to go my friend.


Dude you’re just the magician I needed to hear that from. Thanks my man! :sunglasses::love_you_gesture::horse::smoking:


Here is a link to my journal to discuss my first experience with this ritual.

@Infernus.Rofocalus thank you for your words, it turned out fine but I was very careful.


Update:. Major victory

The intranquil spirit took down a big score for me. This is a powerful rite that works. I’m impressed. I do need to say it needs to be handled correctly. I’ll be rewarding my lost damned reprobate spirit this evening.



calm souls I have often seen these spirits used to win back exes or to force someone else to fall in love with you.

What did you ask them if it wasn’t specific to you and did they give it to you?


For s friend reconciliation with ex

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thank you, can I reverse this and separate the two completely or make two friends and siblings hostile to each other?

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That is a level of experimentation I haven’t done yet. Theoretically you could do anything.

want to do a ritual for tranquil spirit mom domination oil and come to me oil what else do I need??a glass of water??do I write the name of this man on a pink or red candle??or do petitions on a separate sheet and then burn it??

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Little more to it than that my friend.

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@Pat you need to do your Introduction before continuing to post, per the forum rules.

Here’s a link to that thread. We don’t ask for a life story, just enough to help us help you and get an idea of who we’re interacting with.


Yes please do your introduction my friend, as @norse900 had asked. The other oils I use are intranquil oil and do as I say oil “dominate”.

But look man this not a basic ritual and if I were a beginner I’d probably work on getting some experience with protections , basic evocations, energy work, the fundamentals bro.

I don’t want to send you out to fail or to see something awful happen to you . Note I’m not prognosticating your failure or wishing it on you it’s just that this is not a simple proceedure if the basics aren’t aquired first is all I’m saying.

How do I know you don’t have the basics, well I don’t actually and you could but based on the questions you’re asking and how you’ve got this rite structured from your post if may not go the way you want bro.

This forum has amazing beginner and intermediate and advanced tutorials to build yourself up to this.

Take care