In which areas is Saint Expedite used?

Most people know the speed and power of this being, working with it once is enough.

It takes a very short time to see the results, but what I really want to ask is this: Can it interfere with a person’s will? A person can use this existence not only for money, but also for love, health, etc. Can it be used in other fields such as.

Can you use the saint expedite against the black magic curse?

Or is it simply doing its job to meet people’s need for wealth and urgent cash?


Most likely.

Urgent causes. Anything that justifiably has to be done right now. The rest is up to the practitioner.


that is, if a person has an urgent need to separate or bind someone to herself, can the saint do it?


I think so. or at least it sounds as per the usual Roman Catholic description

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I think it will be used no matter how good.

For example, with a simple example of magic in Islam, the magician can cast a death spell using the 99 names of Allah, It seems to me that every energy and power, however revered and creative, can be used as it wishes and as intended.

For example, the verses and suras read to protect and burn the jinn are also used to summon them and cast spells.

I think that even the worst thing can be done with the intent of the caller, no matter how harmless the other entity may be.


I am currently inclined to disagree with this personally. I don’t think every spirit can be called upon for, essentially, curses.

With the 99 Names of Allah, it is my understanding that curses in these cases are largely for justice, which does change the context.


In Islam, magic is an unforgivable sin. There is no swearing with these names, no matter what, what I want to say is not swearing, they use their energies as they wish.

I just gave the example about the curse, but the obsession with possession etc. I believe they will.