I want to learn about the Quimbanda pantheon - can anyone help?

Hi all. I am interested in learning about Quimbanda. Is there anyone here who has a background or any experience with this? Has anyone been initiated in Quimbanda? I am also wondering if anyone has used Quimbanda to complete any tasks successfully. I am particularly interested in learning how to manifest material gain, to develop vanity, or for baneful/vengeance purposes. What Exu or Pombagira can help me with these?
Is there a definitive list of Exus and Pombagiras (including their names, specialties, and offices) that I can consult in my learning?
If there are any books you recommend for a beginner to learn about Quimbanda, please let me know- I would greatly appreciate it. I have heard of a book called “Quimbanda: the cult of the Red and Black Flame”, but it is sold out on Amazon. Can anyone attest to the credibility of this book? Is there anyone who knows where to access it?

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