I have a stupid question yet again

Ok so i have this roomate in my dorm and i was playing a singing bowl music for cleansing and that’s when my roommate complained about having a headache does that mean she’s negative or something bad surrounds her and i need to keep my distance? Or is it just normal?

Also hi everyone. It’s been so long since i have posted something in here.


Welcome back.

I don’t think keeping distance is possible if he/she is a roommate.

It could be coincidence. Maybe your roommate had a coffee headache or a sinus one from allergies. There are non paranormal possibilities here.

The only way to know if it was coincidence or really had to do with your dinging bowl is to try again with it (like in science, you have a hypothesis you have to test it out more then once to exclude coincidence).

Maybe someplace more public if allowed with you offering to show anyone who wants to see, how to make a singing bowl sing. If that’s possible it’s a way to test (if your roommate is present at the time you’re doing it) without your roommate realizing you are trying to see if there’s a connection between your bowl and her headaches because any other way could cause friction between the 2 of you. If there are any parties the 2 of you both go to that would be ideal (you bring it without telling if it’s concealable) then Jade if anyone wants to see how a singing bowl works. There would be bound to be takers and you co old test it without your roommate being any the wiser. If it is your roommate not coincidence they’ll still get a headache and have to leave if not they will stick around and enjoy the party.


You could just do it again in your room in your roommates presence in your room to test the theory but if you do they could think your just being mean on purpose trying to give them a headache.:person_shrugging:

If you do a demonstration they won’t know you’re testing if they’re negative assuming of course they’re present at it (which would be the hard part. Getting them to be there without knowing what’s coming)…


It is possible that the noise itself gives them a headache. Some people are sensitive to incense, and some are sensitive to certain sounds. I wouldn’t say it definitely means that they have something seriously negative around them, but it can sometimes be an indication. It could mean that they are spiritually adverse to the force that the noise the singing bowl produces represents, but not necessarily that they are adverse to all forms of purification in general.

In any case, we all gather a good deal of spiritual dirt in our daily lives. It’s good to wash that clean at least every now and then! I’m not sure if the singing bowl acts to purify people completely, but it seems it does at least partially.


In my honest opinion, I think your roomate is overreacting.
I don’t see any relationship between this music and her headaches
The reason must be another and I believe it is not spiritual but mundane. :slightly_smiling_face:


It could just be certain sounds bother her.

My austic nephew will cover his ears if I sing the ABC song to him but he likes “you are my sunshine”. What the difference is Idk but he seems to know.


Hmm. Well I have a theory on that but I’m not sure if I can explain it right.

You are my sunshine has flowing up and down note sequences kind of like waves? The ABC song is harsher and even though it’s sung the letters get a hard emphasis put on them by the way the song has been designed kind of life a slap or bang but a vocal one until you get to LMNOP which sort of flows a little bit
but then goes back to a hard emphasized punctuation slap. All the way from q to sing with me.

Told you it’s hard to explain it in writing. When your not near him try reciting it by yourself and um lightly hit your fist on your leg with each letter as you sing/recite it so as it draws your attention to the fact that the letter is being emphatically emphasized if it helps you to get what I’m trying to say any better.

You are my sunshine is completely different it’s not hammering the words at you like the ABC song is. It’s actually sung and flows up and down in parts melodically. It’s um more like a gentle roller coaster or waves on a beach rolling in and out (though it still has some hard part like you are my they get counterbalanced by the up-down of sunshine.

Is this any help to you for figuring out the difference snd why he likes 1 not the other song?

Im a music fanatic and beginner musician (and a artist) so I’m using that as my reference for trying to explain how the 2 songs are totally difference. But I hope it helps you.

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it did.

If it helps maybe watch out for that when picking songs to listen to with him or sing with him.

Which means no Rammstein JK because I know you wouldn’t likely listen to them with a kid autism or not but German is harsh and he might not like it because of that (jk cuz I know you wouldn’t but they are another example of harsh vocals he likely wouldn’t be able to stand).

It comes down to the cadence (rythym). The way the sound rolls or doesn’t or slaps or doesn’t for lack of a better way to say it.


Hmm. Are there other things about your roommate which don’t sit quite right with you? What I will say from what you’ve said here is to be cautious and take it slow when it comes to this person. There could be other reasons why they’ve complained, but you don’t want to risk getting close to someone who has no respect for you, or someone who is generally negative.

Take your time to know your roommate before getting too close. Remember that no matter what they say to you, you are the best judge of your own intuition.


I’ll try that thanks.

Yeah your right.

I guess so too

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Mm yea she does not like this specific type of music as me and her are very close so i talked with her about it and she just said she doesn’t like it that’s all but it’s just that she’s always like that when i play it but i understand thanks.