Human Evocation

Been hinted at here and there in the forums that this may be of use to some people. Why would you, what are the differences versus regular spirits, and what to do if you’ve been acted on when evoked are the primary things on my mind as I start typing this. Let’s play.

Evoking humans wasn’t something on my agenda when I started doing it. I was perfectly content with calling up Hecate, Hel, Pele, Belial…the types of spirits that one thinks of when we talk about evocation. People? Why would I do that? Why would I need to do that? Isn’t that just for edgy asshats that don’t have enough work to do from one of these other spirits? Isn’t that just a pretend “badge of accomplishment”?

The Why

It’s pretty well known that I have a slight tendency to go after pedophiles, rapists, and exceptionally bad people that escape judgement or justice. But my targeting was limited when I first started, because I had two barriers to overcome - determining guilt (genuinely determining, not hearsay) and/also targeting the guilty party whose name/identity/photograph may not be known. Big hurdles for someone like me, who’s an analyst and doesn’t give much or any credence to social media outrage posts without actual data behind them.

The first was overcome with a lesser-used spirit named Ma’at. I was told to look her up by a friend that was into petitions, but not evocations, who also had a willingness to target similar groups as myself. Even a brief digging let me know I had found one of my answers. (This is going somewhere)

I respectfully evoked Ma’at and asked her if she would be interested in helping me bring Justice to victims. She agreed and the informal agreement is that if she says the parts isn’t deserving of what I’m about to do, a negotiation must take place. There have been times where she said I shouldn’t cast before, as the person’s guilt wasn’t as clear cut as it may have seemed. There have been times when she said they have genuinely suffered enough for their crimes and she doesn’t support continued efforts. I respect this. Her vantage point is better than mine, especially in unknown cases.

But what of the cases where she says to go ahead? I ask her for an energetic signature. This signature acts like a taglock, a specific person to target. Coming from her, it’s a signature that is presumed guilty. This signature is then linked to the working and acted on.

The Difference

What’s the difference? Isn’t it just another evocation? No, it isn’t. All entities can fight back. How hard it is for humans depends on the person themselves.

Maybe I should describe the method of evocation I started with as a starting point. When Hecate came to me in late 2018 and I had no way of contacting this great, feminine spirit (didn’t know who it was then), I was at a loss. I had no interest in communicating with spirits, who I distrusted out of fear and previous programming. I was fearful of her, too. I had felt ghosts and other types of spirits or as long as I could remember, but not a spirit like THAT.

I turned to Demonolatry, primarily with S. Connolly’s methods. Demonolatry defines Evocation and Invocation differently than the rest of the Occult. My evocation method was largely a calling to the spirit and inviting it to come. Once I looked at other methods, my definition changed to adding energy and Will into it. I shunned the triangle, so I would energize the whole ritual space and invite them to come in where they will.

I do not recommend going the soft approach for something like this. Especially if it’s another magic user. Goetics can fight and resist and spirits of that complexity will, when they want you to up your skills or prove (to yourself) that you can.

I suppose this leads into whether “full manifestation” counts… If you read most of the books, they still have to use their astral/other senses. There IS a good purpose for things like this, but it largely isn’t necessary to get what you want or work with the spirits. I feel this is outside of the scope of the topic, because we don’t need to “fully” manifest a person to wreck them. It can be seen as a refinement of technique, but I’ve called on over a dozen spirits for a multi-layered, multi-faceted working before. Wasn’t needed.

The How

Most people, even magicians, have little resistance to evocation. I can be evoked, too. Someone that says they can’t be is likely lying, misguided, or ignorant about this area. One of the hardest evocations I ever did was on a BDSM Submissive friend that needed some blockages worked on, not some uber darkest blackest Dark Lord role-playing magician. Whether someone practices magic or not doesn’t give a good indication of how hard it will be to evoke them.

Evocation is a battle of Wills and Authority. The reason I say Authority, is because once you discover and grab hold of your Inner Divinity, things will come. Lesser spirits, Goetics, God/desses, people… Once you connect to that source, you ARE that source, with that Source’s authority, if you can grab it. Keep that in mind. Due to resistance, you will still need Will. This isn’t a wave your wand over the symbol and Shazam!

Back to Ma’at. Ma’at give me a signature (for non-energetic practitioners, you can ask her to attach it to the center of a triangle or circle you’ve opened). I transfer or call on that signature (usually in her hand), projecting that they will come through an energetic or physical triangle in my ritual space. This is where the battle of Wills and Authority comes and each battle is different. You Will and call that spirit through that opened triangle to trap it into it, again, and again, and again, until they come.

Once they do come through enough that you feel you can act on it, close off the triangle with them trapped on this side of it. Pinch it off like a balloon, rather than closing it. This triangle then becomes your space for your working, unless/until you can drag a link of it to the place you’re physically doing your working. This could be as simple as grabbing a wand or using your finger to visualize a link between your love target and the candle for the working or similar. Direct energetic workings can be done right in the triangle.

I suggest practicing on willing spirits. There are few that aren’t willing to help you get better through practice. As a spirit you’re working with and trust to suggest/point you towards a book that can be done this way or that will give you practice with it. The 72 challenge is one way of using tarot cards in this manner.

Evocation is something you should practice to get good at. Having done all sorts of spiritual and energy work in the past, but not working with spirits), I struggled. I practiced and practiced. Whacking on predators was actually a way to both get practice in AND leave the world in a better place than it was before.

What To Do?

What can you do it you’ve been evoked and acted up (or suspect it)? Simple Spiritual Hygiene. Cord cut, Banish, Ground. Ask a trusted Deity/spirit if in doubt. Most don’t go to the length of evoking their enemies. It’s hard work. Treat it like someone may have done a working on you, for that’s exactly what it is. It’s a different way to smack a target. Do all of your things twice, if you want to. Don’t be too proud to ask a spirit for help.

The Benefits

Once you’ve learned to evoke all sorts of spirits, there is a knowledge gained that you can call and act on anyone. And you largely can, without other factors. You’ll find that having exerted that amount of concentration and Will, that you need less over time, which could result in the ability to perform more rituals in times of need. Having attuned to your Inner Divinity, you now know there’s a larger spiritual ecosystem than just calling up Belial to get you off a jaywalking charge (FFS…) or asking for the spirits to send you Rey Cuervo as a lover.

Once you’ve gotten the triangle method down, then use the area method. Why? Because spending time with these spirits, unrestricted by triangles and boundaries like circles, can have have a transformative effect. Keep good company, if you do.

I need to close this off. Hope it’s been helpful.


This is an amazing guide, thank you :slight_smile:

Speaking from experience, are we? :joy:


Thankfully, he and I are separated by many countries. Otherwise, I may wake up on a rack.


I was wondering if that was a common request? :laughing:


You may end up in a triangle :joy:


Dude this was priceless, I just did my very first evocation of living humans astral body this morning. Wish to fuck I had read this first. I still managed but now I really get it.


Yeah, it can get a little sporty. The more they’re fully evoked, the easier it is to directly act on it from your ritual space, in my experience. Say, maybe those energy manipulations I mentioned in the Shadownomicon, for example.


This is so cool! I had never thought to just bar them from escaping.

I should start putting people in triangles and leaving them there. I tend to drag them over and just try to keep them from wriggling away. I’m learning so much here from you as usual.

I too stumbled into it. It works really well with some of my practices and I didn’t mean to just start evoking humans when it began. I didn’t even know that’s what it was then.

Another of your awesome and super informative posts!! Thanks for sharing some great tips and your experiences.


You’re quite welcome and I’m glad you liked it. The entries about pulling shadow energy out of someone and anchoring it are all done this way.


That is actually a lot of what I use it for. Some people need a good cleaning out. (The other side is I tend to use it for binding people.)


Jesus Christ this is a good tutorial. I was planning on something and this one seems to be helpful. Thanks a bunch.


Glad you found it useful.

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I don’t know how I missed this excellent tutorial, by the date it must have been posted during the time I was away from the forum.

Once again life is full of surprises that are not just coincidences.

In a ritual I performed some time ago, I was left wondering if what I evoked was my target or something else manifested in its place.
Even in a photo I noticed something “different”

I redid the ritual yesterday and I will post some pics in my journal.

This excellent tutorial cleared my doubts about the identity of the spirit that I evoked and trapped.

I wish I had read this text before doing my ritual.

I take this opportunity to thank you @norse900 and the entities that accompany you for the help you have given me in this matter and in others as well.


More than welcome. Feel free to add any tips and similar to help others.