How to Make a Money Bowl

How to Make a Money Bowl

Money bowls are a simple form of magick used to bring in a healthy and constant flow of wealth and prosperity. Emphasis on flow; money bowls are not about hordeing. They are about establishing a positive relationship with money, which is not stagnant.

I recommend making these on:

  • Monday or Thursday
  • Hour of Jupiter
  • New, Waxing, or Full Moon

Step One: Get a bowl

Or a mug, or a chalice, or whatever vessel you like. You could use a box, a tin, or even a satchet. If you can, choose an item with correspondences that remind you of wealth. I chose a black bowl with a green interior; black to absorb wealth and opportunity, and green as the byproduct. Like rich soil producing healthy crops.

Step Two: Choose your items

You’re going to fill the money bowl with items which represent wealth and your abundance goals, as well as actual money. Herbs, charms, runes, sigils, tarot cards, jewelry, etc. could all be added.

Add money to it regularly; it’s ok to pull money out of it too. Throw in sigils and petitions when you feel like it. You work a money bowl; it’s an active relationship.

Step Three: Cleanse & Consecrate

I used mantra, mudra, and bay leaf smoke. Use what works for you. I also chose to do this in ritual with Hekate. You might want to call a wealth or patron deity, or ancestors, or not invite any spirits at all.

Step Four: Put it together

Add the ingredients in one by one, speaking aloud about what they are meant to bring to the bowl. If you add a candle, be smart about it. Fill the bowl with intention and power. I used mantra, mudra, and visualsation. I also pulled in the power of the hour of Jupiter and the waxing crescent Virgo moon. I asked various spirits to bless it and gave it a final dragonsblood consecration.

Note: the candle in this bowl is a placeholder. I am going to melt it down and pour it into an empty novena candle holder (with a new wick). This is safer and will allow me to draw sigils on the glass.

Step Five: Place your bowl

Put it somewhere nice. It doesn’t have to be an altar. Somewhere pleasant and clean. Use Feng Shui if that’s your thing.

Step Six: Work your bowl

Don’t forget about it. Add money, talismans, petitions, etc. to it. Keep it clean and looking nice. You could also home a money servitor with it.

This is only my second money bowl. If you have any tips, please feel free to leave them below :slight_smile: