How to Extinguish Magick Candles 🕯✨

How to Extinguish Magick Candles

It is best to let magick candles burn all the way down, but fire safety comes first! If you need to leave the space, extinguish it with following incantation:

May this light burn brightly on the higher planes
And continue to dispell the darkness it has been set against
Until I can relight it again safely here in the physical.
So shall it be.


Ref: The Sorcerer’s Secrets: Strategies in Practical Magick (Jason Miller)


Thank you for this, not only have I nearly fainted in circumambulation a couple times, I also use recycled tealight tins and putty to hold the candles (birthday, spell, chime, taper). Putty is flammable I think.

Interesting! I’ve heard that in Hoodoo it’s also advised to snuff the candles rather than blow them out.


Modern witchcraft as well. Though, I imagine Hoodoo is where they got the practice from. It’s considered to be “cancelling” the spell if you blow it out and “scattering the energy”. Candle magick books advise getting a tool or pinching it out, etc.


I usually wet my fingers with water and pinch the flame, while saying
“Though this small flame goes out, the light still exists beyond this space.”

Then for incense, Ive noted saliva works best to pinch out down to the stick.