How to Enliven a Deity Statue

How to Enliven a Deity Statue

This method for enlivening a deity statue is from Josephine McCarthy’s Magic of the North Gate: Powers of the Land, the Stones, and the Ancients. This is a simplified guide; I recommend reading the book, which is excellent, and also provides instructions for creating deity shrines and sacred groves.

You may be able to find an enlivened statue of a deity in a museum or a maintained temple. You will know it is enlivened if you can interact with it; it actively houses a portion of the deity’s consciousness. You can invite the deity to “live” in a statue in your home / temple / etc.

Step One: Contact

Communicate with the deity in inner vision and ask them to extend a bit of their consciousness to you for transport.

Step Two: Transmission

If the deity agrees, touch the statue with clean hands (very quickly is fine), and receive the deity temporarily. You’ll want to home them as soon as you are able.

Step Three: Visionary Work

Once you are in front of your own deity statue, light two candles- one on each side. Close your eyes, enter meditation, and imagine the candles as a doorway to your deity. Reach out for a priest/ess of the deity in inner vision; when they appear, introduce yourself, explain your intentions, and ask for their guidance.

Step Four: Transfer

The power of the deity from the Inner Temple will filter through the priest/ess and merge with power of the deity that you are carrying, resulting in a bright union. The statue is now enlivened.

Step Five: Hospitality

Welcome the deity with warm, respectful words and offerings of honey, water, and incense - both in inner vision and with physical offerings placed at the feet of the statue. You can add offerings that you know the deity likes, such as certain foods or flowers.

Step Six: Anointment

Anoint the head, lips, heart, and feet of the deity with a consecration oil (ideally, the oil will have been consecrated in advance as well). McCarthy uses a blend of frankincense, opoponax, and vetiver.

In the face of fire safety, she also says to leave the statue unattended while the candles burn down and to return when it “feels” right.

Keep the space clean :+1:


Just what I was looking for for my new angel statue. Cool.

Josephine McCarthy works should be a must read for any serious practitien.

Her work comes with an ethics clause and a path of service to the Divine which may not resonate with everyone (especially LHP practitioners), but she is a Master and her books have been invaluable in helping me shape my own practice (which is far from “ethical”).

She wouldn’t approve of much of what I do and I am wary of her dogma, but I hold her in high regard and her methods are certainly solid.


We should create a topic just about her. :smile:

Please feel free to; there are at least three others on the forum who have read her works, that I am aware of :slight_smile: