How to consecrate a pendulum

For those who use the pendulum how do you consacrate it to keep unwanted energies from answering questions confusing/interfering with the divination at the time? Im currently working with King Vine and sometimes it feels almost as if the spirit steps out then someone other spirit comes in and confuses things then King Vine steps back in and feels that divination gets back on track.


You basically cleanse and concentrate a pendulum like you would any item- depending on what it’s made of.

Some crystals shouldn’t get wet, while others running water would be a fine way to go. If you are clairsentient you can do it with your own energy, or choose something appropriate also.

That won’t necessarily keep everything from effecting it though, I mean your subconscious is supposed to absent of a spirit. You may or may not want to repeat cleansing regularly too.

Are you banishing prior to doing spirit work? That would really be my number one recommendation aside from Luna.

Luna can ensure nothing else enters your space or interferes for you until you can sense those things better.


Ok never ran it through water did fumigate it with sage though. Not really banishing though since i dont want to banish King Vines energy aswell.

Im not aware of luna in this context i know in spanish is moon assuming youre talking about the moon ? hahaha :sweat_smile:

Oops nvmd just clicked the link to the servitor page.

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Nah click the link I shared with you. She’s a servitor I created for beginners.

I understand not wanting to banish wanted energies, and she won’t do that but at the same time we do sometimes get energetic build up that just gunks you our communication and lessons are ability to notice when something we summon often shows up so it’s still good to have the practice down.

Luna is able to banish, shield, ward and protect her summoner, those she’s sent to etc. she’s also able to ensure you only get entities you are trying to summon, and can eliminate most general low level spirit interference as well as grand scale attacks.

She can coordinate a security plan and teach you how to do it all yourself etc. depending on your personal needs.

There’s a lengthy thread elsewhere where many people share their experiences with her- it’s linked where I share her here. Even that doesn’t encompass the pms and emails I’ve received, but it does give a pretty good idea of what to expect from those who couldn’t sense anything at all to experienced magicians.

Edit oops I was already rambling, sorry.

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I use the Seal of the entity with whom I’m seeking to communicate. Print it off and use spit (which I apply with the foot of a chewed match). You don’t need to get it really wet, just a bit will do.


Hmmm interesting i was thinking of using sorta same method. Drawing up the spirits sigil and place it under the pendulum but didnt know if there was a legit way of doing it will try this out next.

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You have to read uncle Al with a grain of discernment and an eye to read behind the lines because he rarely just outright says what he means.

His words will make you think out of the box and maybe do some research though, so I don’t think it’s necessary a bad thing.

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I do try though.

I’m guessing it’s The 4th Law of the Sphinx and all that stuff.

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