Horse Head: Tarot Spread (Goal Setting & Achievement)

I would like to share a tarot spread I improvised a few years ago.

The Uffington Horse is a prevalent figure in the Wildwood deck that I associate with focus and achievement. I used the shape of its head (which has become a talisman of sorts for me) to structure the layout:

I asked the cards to dictate what each card should represent, and this is what I got:

This is how I interpreted it:

  • Green Man: The Project/Goal
  • Two of Stones: The Challenge
  • Six of Bows: What to let go/make peace with
  • Green Woman: What nurtures the project/goal
  • Three of Stones: How to approach the project/goal
  • Ten of Arrows: How to communicate about the project/goal
  • The Ancestor: Where to draw strength/resources for the goal/project
  • Four of Arrows: What to avoid

I hope it can help you achieve your goals.


Iā€™m going to try it with my crow deck quite soon!

Thanks a bunch, Myth :smiley:


Hopefully it gives you some good insight! Let us know if it does please :slight_smile: