Home Oil Blends

Home Oil Blends

Recipes for oils to be used around the home.

Blessing Oil

• 4 drops sandalwood oil
• 4 drops rose oil
• 4 drops frankincense oil
• 1 tablespoon carrier oil

Use this oil to anoint objects when you want to bring a bit of positive Divine or spiritual hearth energy to them. Could be used in a Room Blessing Ritual, a House Blessing Ritual, or for a Simple Door Blessing.

Clean and Bright Oil

• 5 drops lemon oil
• 5 drops orange oil
• 2 drops peppermint oil
• 3 drops lavender oil
• 1 tablespoon carrier oil

This oil has loads of cleansing energy. Add a few drops to the wash water when you’re mopping the floor, or on a damp cloth when you wipe down the counters.

Hearth Oil

• 1 drop cinnamon oil
• 2 drops sandalwood oil
• 4 drops lavender oil
• 1 drop jasmine oil
• 1 drop rose oil
• 2 drops frankincense oil
• 1 drop pine oil
• 1 tablespoon carrier oil

This is a blend designed to represent the energy of an idealized hearth. It contains cinnamon oil, which can irritate, so be careful when blending it. Can be used in the Ritual for Recognizing the Sanctity of the Hearth.

Purification Oil

• 5 drops frankincense oil
• 3 drops sandalwood oil
• 2 drops lemon oil
• 2 drops lavender oil
• 2 drops rose oil
• 1 tablespoon carrier oil

Use this oil to anoint objects in need of purification, or use it to cleanse stones or items you’ve been using to help maintain or balance the energy of a room. You can also put a drop or two on your wrists.

Sealing Oil

• 1 tablespoon carrier oil
• 3 pinches salt
• 1 whole clove
• 1 sage leaf

Use this oil to close off and protect areas or items. Dip your finger in the oil and draw a line across or along the area you are sealing (around a doorframe or window frame, along a wall, across a threshold, etc.).

Ref: The House Witch (Arin Murphy-Hiscock)