Hi'iaka's Natur(e)al Binding Ritual

Hi’iaka’s Natur(e)al Binding Ritual

Thank you @norse900 !


Yw. I remember who this was against. Used as a petition, Hi’iaka can do the binding on her own, with your asking of what is wanted. She will know, but it’s important to state it for a variety of reasons.

She can also assist, if someone’s wanting to practice their energy skills.

With all of the entities I work with, I prefer non-transactional relationships, but this isn’t necessary. Just make sure the task is accepted and I recommend some sort of offering as a payment. This doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. I would suggest it be genuinely given, though.


What are your thoughts on visualizating / calling upon a toxic plant like Wisteria or Poison Ivy for this? Or even serpents / centepides?


I see what you’re getting at. First, any leaf/vine can cut given a high enough speed, which is central to the cord cutting.

If you were to employ a poisonous plant to the mix, I would do it before cutting and would visualize the poison running down the cord to the negative attachment to the other person.

Poisonous insects would be called upon before the poisonous plant portion to ensure targeting against specific attachments as desired. That way, if the person reacts to the poison running down the link by sloughing off the link, the critters already have their target(s).

I likely don’t need to say it, but brining poisonous energy into yourself in large amounts without adapting to it first can leave one feeling or becoming ill until grounded out or sent down a line. I haven’t experimented with that in the context of this, but have with Beelzebub and similar for attunements.

You could add these elements to your bindings and wards to as a reactionary part of it. May be better to have the critters patrol for you in your spaces.

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Thank you very much @norse900. I will be using this soon :relieved:

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