@Mythopoeia I thought this was the spell for a black mirror and i think it could be modified.

I got this from the Witches Spell A Day 2017.
The author is Susan Pesznecker.

A hexenspiegel (Hex - un - spee -gull) is a small mirror used as a protective charm to reflect away negative magicks, the evil eye, or other bad omens, or intentions. As well as return the negative energy to the sender.

Its basis is in German folk magick and its translation is witches mirror.
Hexenspeigels maybe fastened to walls, or hung from cords, or worn as jewerly or sitting in a special spot.

To make your own use a plain mirror or use crafts to add small stones ,crystals, beads or other items to the mirrors edge.

Charge the mirror by sprinkling it with salt, passing it through the heat and smoke of a candle and dabbling it with pure water.

Place the Hexenspiegel where it will carry out your intention, saying :

Mirror, mirror on the wall, answer my protective call. Turn away the magick black , with all your power, please send it back.

Or you could make your own words.

I think the charging part you could also do for a black mirror. I see no reason why it wouldnt work. Running it through the heat and smoke of a candle and then dabbing it with pure water. You would just want to change the intention part a little to fit the uses of a black mirror.


OH I have a 4x4 mirror plate that is for burning candles on, but I picked it up thinking it had a better use than that. Its actually sitting in the chair next to me, with a pile of stuff I grabbed out of my supply stash yesterday thinking it was time to finally find uses for some of it lol.

Ive never had a black mirror, so I actually think I will look up how to create one from a mirror, Im certain Ive seen basic instructions and I have black chalk board paint, so it would be perfect for ritual use once painted I think?

Maybe I could draw sigils on it when Im evoking or something!

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Thats a pretty cool idea!

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Most of the stuff in those spell a day books is very watered down wiccan. But i still like to buy them. Each one does have a few gems in them. Like this one.

I misplaced one of the books i had in Virginia, but it had great recipe for bread with a very effective spell. But i lost it and cant remember which year it was. :confused:

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It is so hard to find (non-American) German folk magick, thank you for sharing this!

Thank you :slight_smile: