Halloween Oracle Cards

Summer will be closing soon and before long Halloween will be here. I haven’t used any of my tarot cards or oracle cards in a while so I thought today would be a good time to get some practice in.

My question was,what is my relationship to X. Past, Present, and future.

The first card, I drew was the Jack O Latern. Makes perfect sense. The Jack O Latern is all about protection. Drawing this card indicates you are protected. Just like in days gone by when one used the Jack O Latern to scare away the things roamed on Halloween night. That was the card for the past.

The card I drew for the present was The Veil. Which is ironically indicative of the future.
On Halloween it is believed that the veil is thinnest. The gods are closest. This also makes perfect sense as well. I can feel and see much clearer partataining to my question of X.

The last card I pulled the one for the future is the Werewolf. Exploring wildness.

After an excruciating battle against change, man releases the magick. To balance strength and freedom with reason, control and intellect. Finding a healthy balance. The werewolf encourages balance between wild, firey natures and our tamed sides.

Im not sure exactly how the werewolf card plays into my question but perhaps that is why its the future card and isnt come into focus yet. I do understand the transformation part. And maybe that is it. A transformation is coming.

I think this Halloween will prove interesting for sure.

This deck is my favorite deck of cards. Though, I have several different types of cards.


I thought since Im working with my cards for the first time in a while, I would also do a general card for the day.

Today August 24, 2022

I pulled the card Joy. " Rejoicing in the present"

Pulling this card is a good omen, it is a sign of more happiness and joy in ones life.

To find joy in the moment.

Probably the perfect card for me especially how i have currently been feeling emotionally and mentally.


Can you tell me the artist’s name? Their work is so damn amazing!


Stacey Demarco


Thanks a lot!


Almost forgot to do my card of the day.

The Owl

Wise seeing, wise action

This is so ironic on so many levels. Saw things I had to ring an alarm for. Just did a circle reading.

Just said I hoped to pick up my work with Athena. And the owl shows up.

Think strategically and not impulsively. We all know how I am :rofl:

I think this was a good draw. Certainly points at several things going on with me right now.


I did forget to do my card of the day yesterday.

But here is my card of the day for today

August 27, 2022

Skull of light. ~ illumination

Taking time to know thyself.

If this skull shows up allow yourself to be seen.
To see and act upon what is shown to you. The time has passed for hiding, for pretending, stop accepting the status quo when it doesn’t suit you.
Open yourself fully to the clarity of light.

Always being shown the way and knowing you are never alone are the keys to the magical element of light.

So, wow. Anyone really close to me right now will know how hard this card hits home.

This card was right on time in several ways.


Time for today’s card of the day

August 28, 2022

Today I had a specific question in mind. What is my next move?

I got black cat - Fortune meets opportunity

Good luck and fortune will be meeting you soon. You will be even luckier if you are ready to take advantage of every special opportunity that comes your way.

So, that’s it. My next move is to be prepared to take advantage of what comes my way. :smirk:

I got this!


Card of the day

August 29, 2022

What is my relationship to E?

Winter - the sacredness of pausing

Its time to let what no longer serves you die away. Where it seems natural to let things bothering you die back, take real action to change those things. Anything that is burdensome , release it.

So, basically it is just time let go. Let it die down.

What i got from it,



August 31, 2022

Card of the day.

Question: How should I move forward?

Card Nightsong - hidden talents

Well damn.

Some of the gifts within you remain unopened
The time has come to step into your true potential. There is no more time to waste, no excuses.


Sept. 1, 2022

Card of the day.

My question was, what does a certain individual want me to know?

I got Skull of Stars. - Infinite Possibilities

You need to think bigger and more broader about your future and what you want to achieve. Endeavour to live the life you want and honour your own wishes and truth.



Card of the day for 9-2-22

How can I improve?

Midnight - the most magical hour of all

Midnight is the hour in which it’s believed that ghosts, witches, ghouls, and magick are most likely to be active.

Allow yourself to relax in the darkness of midnight. Recognize that we all have darkness within us. This isn’t something to hide from.

The dark it envelops me
The witching hour awaits
True magick and enchantment
And spells that change fates

I believe this is telling me to embrace my inner darkness , which would make sense with a recent working I’ve done


Sept. 3, 2022

So today’s reading was wild.

My question was, What do I need to do to continue building my temple?

I go the Owl - wise seeing wise action.

But since I have already gotten that card and trying to take pictures of these lovely cards to share. I wanted something else.

So I reshuffled the cards several times with my eyes closed asking the same question and I got the exact same card as the first time.

The Owl - wise seeing wise action.

So, I guess I learned something , it doesn’t matter what I thought I wanted to show everyone . It matters that my question gets the right advice. and what needs to be known is known.

Silent winged and wise
All seeing creature of the night
Show me the way
I will follow you in flight

Many deities are associated with owls. Including, Athena, who is known for her strategy and intelligence.

If the owl appears it indicates the need for wise council. Think strategically.

Makes sense. Sounds very much like what Andromalius and I were discussing earling.

I will definitely, take my time and plan accordingly.


Sept. 4, 2022

Card of the day

I saw someone who looked sickly so I asked is she sick?

I got

Black Cat - fortune meets opportunity

Well it is for me anyway :smirk:

Sleek and black and Latern-eyed
Crosses your path with a hiss
Good luck and fortune
Sweep by with a kiss

Fortune meets opportunity, in the circle.

:kiss: :skull:


Card of the day

Sept. 5, 2022

Eternal Love

Love is love is love and it transcends physical death

You are being reminded that love is the most powerful force in the universe. More powerful than death. Love lingers.

A significant love is close at hand be ready to open up to this new experience.

Yea - open up. That’s the hard part for me.


Lovingly heavy.


Right! Idk about this love stuff. I’ve gotten rather used to being a Hermit :rofl:


I’d love to be a hermit. I’m just an introvert that has to work. I mean…there should be a shift differential for being introverted, but participating, right?

Edit - that sounds like “good boy” points, so fuck that noise.


I’m very introverted. I just want my books in my room and quiet.

My Scorpio daughter gets other plans for me though. :rofl: Which most times is good.

I know that was the right card though bc when I was shuffling a card fell out , it was that card I put it back in the deck , shuffled again and that card was the one I pulled. So it’s accurate, I’m just not adjusting well :mending_heart: