Today let’s talk about how you and other individuals receive spiritual guidance. This can be received in numerous ways. For example it could be a verbal message, it could be an image you see that has meaning or numerous other methods. Let’s share some of those. I’ll start

For me it’s the two rings I wear on my pinkies. Both are silver rings that have that small notch for slight resizing. Both have sigils on them for entities of significance to me.

What happens is since these two rings are currently sized as small as they can be. They barely stay on. At first I was quiet annoyed an actually replaced them from brass to my now silver. It took a few months of constantly losing one and then finding it days later. To then lose the other, it was starting to become a serious annoyance. If they weren’t slippery off my finger and pinging all over the place. They were missing and waiting to be found.

What I now know is that when a ring slips off my finger and bounces on the floor. That I should pick it up and look around for the synchronicity. It’s pretty glaring now that I’ve figured it out. Also when one randomly has disappeared from my finger. When it returns it comes back with a message. So I go meditate and retrieve my message.

This is just one example of how we can receive guidance. This form is new for me but I really enjoy it.


Very interesting story! For me, it tends to come as impressions on my mind, a “knowing” in a sense, or revelation when I look at things. Sometimes feelings are also made clear.


Same for me. Other times it’s a video on YouTube that’s not what I usually watch. It stands out a lot and makes me curious to watch it. On the rare occasion it’s a dream, or my close friends get pinged by a spirit.


My more common ones usually involve a presence. I may or may not know the actual spirit. This then starts a cascade where I get drawn to this or that (maybe a book I have or know of, a video, etc) until I either get the message or know who to call. If it’s urfent, then I have a largely open door policy, if they want to put forth the effort to come.

But my deja vu ones are much rarer and typically are there to let me know I.made the right decision or to let me know to continue down a specific path or set of choices.

I get some premonitions for events that haven’t happened yet, usually years down the road, sometimes. I’ve either had all of the ones I vaguely remember actually happen OR I simply don’t recall the ones that don’t, which seems more logical. Anyway, these premonitioms don’t seem like deja vu…until they happen :joy: Clear as mud?


Well guys I’m super dense and half deaf so the spirits really have shout into my mind or do something really really bizarre and ostentatious to get me to wake up and see what’s going on. :laughing::laughing::man_facepalming:t3::man_shrugging:t3:

Here’s a couple examples. Azazel had begun working in my life with his usual style of break things down and if it’s worthy rebuild it methods. I thought I was under attack for a full year before I began to be aware that in my wanderings in metro manila I was seeing goats everywhere. It’d be like seeing a house with a little tiny front yard and a goat would be tied up to the fence bleating. I always got that weird feeling when I saw this.
In a few more months I put the pieces together that it was Azazel who was taking interest in my life.

With Prince Orobas we have good clairaudient communication but if my emotions are highly charged or disturbed I can’t hear worth a damn. So I’ll see someone driving a horse and buggy down a busy metro manila street. Like WTF is a horse doing in the middle of the city. That’s always Orobas saying hey fool, pull your head out of your ass I’m trying to talk to you. :laughing::laughing::laughing:

King Bael always manifests as a big ass toad, whenever I can hear them or a bullfrog croaking I immediately know King Bael is in the vicinity. That or I’ll lose something like house keys, a piece of jewelry or something important and after hours of searching I find it where I’ve already looked 10x times like right on the table in a super obvious place. That’s a sign he’s around and playing hide and seek pranks with me.

That’s how I get guidance from the spirits.


If it’s anything negative, I’ll have first have a feeling in my gut, similar to horrible indigestion or an upset stomach but amplified. It’s just a sick feeling. Whenever I have that feeling, treachery is afoot. I’ll then see owls, which means Andras is warning me about a bad situation I’m about to get myself into, or I’ll have a dream about Belial, which is a warning that a bad situation I have no control over is about to happen. Andras has been good with helping me maintain self control, and if I encounter a situation where I might lose my shit, Andras sends a sign.

Since I was a teenager, if my right palm itches, money is coming from somewhere. It has to be money from an unknown source, not my monthly VA benefits or anything like that. It never fails, my palm itches and no more than two days later I’ll receive money from somewhere.


Its usually Azazel, that comes to me and see him full on. He has come to warn of danger several times. One being a tornado I was in the direct path of.

Lucifer, usually uses music to get my attention. A song will come on the radio at work that is not one being played over and over on the radio. And its message will be something that totally fits.

Belial, Abaddon and Amaymon, usually get my attention the same was as Azazel, just not as often.

I think they have all just realized that I actually listen to Azazel.


Dope topic.
To me, Angelic types usually make sounds. Like a cymbal from far away, occasionally bells. Most often accompanied by hot flash, like my face going a touch red.
The Halphas-Malphas brothers will draw my attention to pigeons. It can be funny. “You know, I’ve noticed 15 pigeons today… usually I notice zero pigeons. Ah! Time to refresh my defenses”.
Decarabia likes to ride songbirds and a chipmunk. These messengers give a very signature feeling. Think like the wisdom and experience of a brain surgeon with decades of practice. Now you put that into the body of a five year old, who comports himself like the surgeon. That’s Decarabia.
I do wanna state that like 99% of the time it is a very mild, subtle sensation. Tbh my writing makes it sound cooler than it is

Edit: With the spirits I’m close to, when I become aware of them, I feel them becoming aware of me. Theres a give and take here that shares guidance, but is mostly non verbal


Just found one of my rings in a pair of pants after washing them. I’d previously worn and washed these while it’s been missing

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I know what you mean! I’ve always been Doubting Thomas. Over time and with experience the doubting subsided - but it’s still there. Anyway, you’re not the only one who’s a bit thick, because I know exactly what you mean.
It’s a bummer, but the path is a long one.



I know we have differences on topics (rules), but that doesn’t mean I don’t love and embrace the spirit. Go all the way Uncle Al.