Giving a timeline to spirit? or not?


I was wondering what do you guys do usually? Do you give the spirit a deadline or not?

what has worked best for you overall?

thank you


For me, I trust I’ll have things when I need them. For things I want, they’ll come when it’s right.

Rarely, I want something that I don’t imminently need. In those cases I request a time frame and listen for confirmation and/or a reasonable adjustment/compromise.


so they ask you for something in exchange of completing it within the timeframe?

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I typically don’t, if it there isn’t a deadline to hit in the real world. An exception might be when I’m working with a spirit I don’t know well or that seems a bit sketchy. In cases like that, I may also withhold the payment for the deed until I can see it’s done or there’s progress, for more complex requests.


Do you always offer something in exchange ?? @norse900


Hmm I don’t think I’ve given a timeline before. The spirits I usually work with are very benevolent and it is simply their nature to give their blessings, so it seems to come as soon as possible.

With some spirits, perhaps those who are Elemental or lower, it might have a helpful effect to set a timeframe? Particularly if the dealing is like a business transaction.


Typically, yes. Not always blood. Sometimes, it’s a cup of tea or similar. Sometimes they refuse any payment at all for it.


Sometimes I get asked for something. But that’s not what I meant by adjustment or compromise, those were meant to be about the timeframe.


Timelines, I usually include timelines in my charge to the spirit. We’ve already discussed the project and the spirit will tell me what kind of timeline it’s feasible to see results in. We sometimes aren’t of mitigating factors in determining timelines. So by the time I charge the spirit and give it a time line we’ve already made an agreement about it

I wouldn’t probably do it unilaterally without consult first with the relevant spirit, it might be interpreted as disrespectful.


For things that need a timeline, for instance to influence someones mind in my favour, I would say something to the effect of “please influence x’s mind in my favour about the xyz project thats due to be reviewed by x date” .

For other things, I don’t give a date for as I know in my life at moment its not ready to happen and know they will have it happen when its meant to happen as for whatever reason where I am at now ,it could still be needed in my life to help get ready for my results. For example, getting a new job.


Thnak you everyone :slight_smile: I love reading your thoughts and perspective on this !!


I think trusting spirits is better.
once I was in need of money for our apartment´s rent and I performed the ritual a week before rent day and I was really concerned about time but spirits provide money on the exact day of rent!!! that was one of my joyful moments in magick


Also from The Magick of Angels and Demons by Henry Archer:
“The angels and demons do not take the words as literally as they take the sensations and emotions you feel when speaking that sentence. They are able to read the subconscious associations that have gone into that sentence.
angels and demons know what lies beneath the words you have prepared, the words do not need to be a perfect representation of your desire.”
(I personally think the timeframe will be clear for them )


I give timelines but I discuss prior. We negotiate.

Reason for this is an awful experience with a Grecian deity who haunted my ass for 10 years. And gave me the man I ‘wanted’ after 10 years. When he’s already ugly and useless.


I like this


I personally don’t place a deadline.

I know I’ll get it when I need it.


Yeah @itsnathanm7 I think trying to bind a spirit to a hard fast rule or timeline is Abit artificial. A discussion with the spirit should be had so you’re both kind of on the same sheet of music regarding most likely timelines. The spirit knows how much work x is gonna take and the obstacles and challenged we don’t see from our vantage point.

Instead of telling them I usually ask

Hey so how long you think this will take. They’ll say 2 or 3 weeks or whatever and I say can we keep it inside 15 days.

They say " most likely"

Cool now when I give the formal charge before license to depart I include the timeline we agreed to previously.

@itsnathanm7 has a really good point that it will happen exactly how it needs to for your future and destiny to unfold how it’s supposed to though. We are literally playing catch up with the desired future.



Well, for me I am confident in the forces I work with, more so than it being a destiny thing.

For some, they prefer to measure their muscles so to speak by giving themselves variables like deadlines. That works for them and that’s fair, though not all situations have a viable reason for involving a deadline and can be too complicated for a deadline to be had (or in particular a short one).

I’m just not one of those people that measures themselves like that.