Get a soul scan

@Arianna sadly this thread is slowly dying
And I’m trying to continue it.

I’m willing to take all suggestions into consideration to keep it active…


Anyone up for a scan?

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Hi @Jk999 , if this gonna be a one sided scan then i want one please

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@King1911 Ok I hope when you grow more experienced you’ll
Also start scanning people.

Please pm a recent picture of yourself.

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@King1911 what kind of scan you want a general scan an aura scan a higher self scan other?

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Aura scan or higher self, i really don’t know their differences, if aura scan can tell me what is wrong with my energy body then aura scan will be good

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Let’s do an aura scan:

  • 1st Chakra: Earth Star Chakra
    Your foundation on the earth connected to your finances, health of the land where you live.
    Not so good, not stable. Feels like high inflation,
    Sort of like the Earth shakes beneath our feet
    during an earthquake. Not a good economy.
    Hard to find employment: tight job market.

  • 2nd Chakra: Root Chakra under active. Are you currently unemployed?

  • 3rd Chakra: Sacral Chakra normal. you’re in a committed relationship that lasted several years already.

  • 4th Chakra: Solar Plexus Chakra under active. You feel lost and lack motivation to find a job. You continuing by force of inertia. You should work with demons if you want quicker results in real life that’s my advice currently feel like you’re working with angles.

  • 5th Chakra: Heart Chakra normal. You feel ok about yourself not good and not bad regular. Balanced.

  • 6th Chakra: Throat Chakra you speak your truth so it’s balanced.

  • 7th Chakra: Third Eye Chakra underdeveloped. Feels blocked closed off. You should work on your clairs

  • 8th Chakra: Crown Chakra.
    Do you have faith in god? You don’t pray actively
    But appear to have a strong Muslim? belief

  • 9th Chakra: Soul Star Chakra
    Reincarnation chakra. You appear to have been
    A merchant in past life and the life before that
    Muslim religious cleric. First time I’m doing it.

  • 10th Chakra: Spirit Star Chakra
    Connection to angelic/godly divine
    Being a Muslim religious cleric in a past life connects
    You to the god/angels subconsciously

How accurate am I @King1911?

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That’s my country, word by word

Yes i am unemployed

Yes,for years, a goddess, She loves me and I love her, and I don’t want anyone else, human or non-human

Yes, demon’s showed me to make my own servitor to make a job,i use white god energy for my training’s, and do angelic lbrp

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Yeah, i think that is the way i think about myself

Yes, and that’s why I’m so lonely

Also accurate, i don’t trust any book for my training, any suggestions?

I’m not met the guy yet but he hit the roof of my house with a thunderbolt, just as I was cursing him and saying he doesn’t exist.(maybe that was an angel?) I born as a Muslim,but I’m not a Muslim now and i don’t believe at Allah or quran‌,Maybe some of that energy is still stuck with me :sweat_smile:

I don’t know about that, but i always have good business ideas and have a strong pull to occult and angels and demon’s … etc. When i was a kid I used to read the Quran at an unbelievable speed, even though I am not an Arab and I am a Kurd, yeah that part of your scan is a bit scary for me :sweat_smile:

I think you are right but in my experience angels don’t have time for me but demon’s and gods give me their time and attention like they are my family and i looking at them as family too,also when I’m do energy work i drag light from above and god to my body so you are right again

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Thank you man, your scan is very good, i hope i do the same for you in near future

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I just want to get more people involved so our skills can grow. It’s been good for me so I want good for others…


Hey JK could I have a scan,I can trade you for reiki as I don’t have the ability to scan ‘yet’.


Thats a good trade.

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Great @Rahul just pm a recent photo of yourself
And I’ll do it tomorrow because
it’s getting late here…

Also what type of scan you want like I asked king….

Any is fine,I leave it upto you.I will send you my recent photo :slight_smile:

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@Rahul I’ll give you a higher self scan since
I haven’t done those and wanna practice:

I sense a white clocked god on an elephant
Also white with a white light shining around.

I see green fields. I feel a sense of wonder
like a child looking at a huge powerful
being much more powerful than himself.

Are you in India or connected to Indian deities
Or both?

I sense a lot of curiosity and the desire to get
To know the world and especially its secrets

You’re less interested in power and more in knowledge

Let’s dive deeper:

On a deeper level I see a dark skinned being
Humanoid in appearance riding a black tiger.

Do you like tigers drawn to predators?

Why the outer layer is different
than the inner one?

Because white contains all colors while black
Is lack of color. You’re both.

I see the rainbow colors.

I sense more can be revealed, but it’s endless so let’s stop here….

Does it resonate?

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I am open to trades.


So let’s trade I want a very deep scan via your intuition @itsnathanm7

Anyone up for a scan or to trade?

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Sure I’m not proficient I’ll still give it a shot
I see a Void When i try to scan ur Soul like ur energy system is Made up in such a way That it can suck everything in its way… Good or bad u feed on energy Purely HIGHLY vampiric in nature i don’t mean to offend u …
About ur chakras root is powerful
Sacral is good not great but decent
Solar is weak for now something is stuck here which hinders it growth
Heart is literally most fragile one here( Ur very vulnerable to parasites which comes wit other ppls emotions beware)
Throat is great i feel u have good command on language
3rd is powerful did u clairs opened up?
Crown for some reason This shit is stuck meditate more on crown .