Found dead cat outside

We found a dead stray outside that looks like it was poisoned. No visible injuries but there’s some vomit next to his mouth. I used to see this stray a lot and it is heartbreaking. What would you do?
I can’t bury it because we’re in the city and there is no dirt around here at all, just concrete and a living room sized park where I would get arrested for digging


Call animal control, or the police?

There’s tons of things you could do with it for black magick, but I would notify an authority, especially if it looks like it’s been poisoned.

Try to help its spirit move on? Or invite it to stay on as a familiar?


I have notified police but they said they would respond within the next 2 days. Knowing how the police in this neighborhood are, it’ll probably be in 2 days. I covered him with some cloth and will do something now to help him move on or if he wants to stay, I could give him one of my crystal cat heads to reside in. I dunno does that work? My window faces out to the street and I can see it from my room.


I have little experience here, and could offer ideas and theories, but I believe that @norse900 is the best person to ask about this. Or @DarkGodofQlippa.

I think it would though, if you cleansed and consecrated it.


2 days is a long ass time to have an animal corpse decomposing outside your door…that is not hygienic. Any chance you can freeze it? Or ask animal control to pick it up?


I just called the sanitation department, which was what animal control told me to do. They also said 2 days max. If they don’t come by tomorrow morning I will call again. My partner doesn’t want me to bring it in to freeze it but I will keep an eye on it until someone comes to pick it up


Your tax dollars at work :roll_eyes:
Hopefully it won’t be two whole days.


You could tell what happened to a local vet and HOPE they offer to dispose of it for you. That’s another option.


Thank you. I called a few vets around here before but none of them would help. One of them asked if I would pay them and I said no so they hung up. Most of them just said to call sanitation


Find a taxidermist. A lot will take animals like that to make pieces from. A friend of mine does it and makes some beautiful art as she really respects the creature and treats it like she’s giving it a second Life.

5 Likes this is her Instagram page if you wanted to have a look. She’s here in Australia, so I doubt that she would actually be able to help you out. It could give you a jumping off point though


Thanks for the tips everyone! I appreciate your help.
I will try taxidermy if it happens again and no vets can help, but hopefully it won’t

I just checked and someone came and picked it up. Pleasantly surprised that the sanitation people/cops didn’t take too long to come. I filed a 311 request as well and maybe that helped?


This is unfortunate that there is so little compassion for animals in our country.