Feng shui odds and ends

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Here are the chi force activators I love working with

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This is piyao. ( Not my bracelet just an example) He is the pet of Chinese duke of Jupiter. He is a lion dragon hybrid and he brings wealth, gambling luck, and business success.

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This is Wu lu and it brings long life and good health and sucks in evil sickness causing spirits and transforms them into positivity.

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This is the moneybar hat excellent for wealth and employment.

Fun stuff guys.

Here’s my two favorite bracelets with pi yaos a rough rock ruby and an obsidian.

@Arianna I know you didn’t ask about all that I turn into a motor mouth about this stuff. Sorry lol :zipper_mouth_face:

@cygnus I just reached out to my hokkien Feng shui buddy on messenger and he said you’re right. They don’t use the cat so much they use the frog with a coin in its mouth. :+1: My mistake.


Im glad you shared! Its so interesting. And its something I havent really done much with or even know how.

But its really cool and I want to find some stuff to read up on while I’m chillin’ on the boat this weekend.


That is fire :fire:


Very cool. Thanks for sharing


Extremely fascinating! I am quite interested in Feng Shui.


I’m hoping I’m not out of pocket, and that I’m ok to do this. I just did a discussion and demonstration particularly on the subject of chi force activitators for Flying star Feng Shui bracelets, has cool charms to show too.


Here is some recent work for a friend in the united States, this is my work

From the top down
Howlite with yellow scripture barrel
Green Ruby ( zoisite) with Obsidian and green scripture barrel
Moonstone and amethyst with Piyao
Red agate with black scripture barrel
Amethyst and lapis lazuli Wu Lu
Red agate and obsidian with Piyao
Green Ruby with Obsidian and Piyao
Red tiger eye glyph barrel
Garnet with gold ball
Obsidian and moonstone

Good stuff

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