Feeding the Head: Ritual Aftercare

Feeding the Head: Ritual Aftercare

Spiritual Cleansing: A Handbook of Psychic Protection by Draja Mickharic outlines a simple method for cleansing and stabilizing your mind.

Cover your hair and scalp in coconut milk or cream and let it dry. Rinse it out, preferably in a spiritual bath by scrubbing your hair and scalp with (consecrated) salt.

This method seems useful for closing a ritual, especially anything baneful or cord-cutting. The kind of work that might be done tonight, on a dark moon that falls on a Saturday.


When I finish, I force myself to laugh at myself. The laughter becomes sincere with practice. Then I bitch slap my face. I get rid of the perspiration and remember to bitch slap myself every time my mind goes back to my working. Doesn’t take long to stay away from those thoughts. Grab book, have a quick pipe smoke, maybe a drink, then (if I can) I prepare food, as I find that helps.

I try to use cheap, nasty, effective stuff most of the time - because I’m lazy and find shortcuts just so appealing! Nonetheless, there have been times when I had to take a shower because of dripping perspiration overload and I used those showers as mind-games to ‘wash away’ the ritual from my conscious thoughts; plus especially in the early days, more self-inflicted, red-face, bitch slaps.

But don’t mind me. I’m just an old fashioned, left-hand path bastard heavily influenced by Chaos Magic(k), working on the fly!


Woah… maybe I’ll start putting this (or something similar) into practice. I’m in the market for new shortcuts to keep away from post-ritual thoughts.


In general, I eat starchy and grounding food (bread, sugar, heavier things) after ritual and scream loudly anytime my thoughts wander to it to shut out the thoughts. Sometimes, when those options are unavailable, I shower, eat something less grounding, go outside, read things I’m into, watch tv, do (home)work things, etc.

After baneful, I try to always shower. And then either sleep or completely walk away from the rite. Those are not ones I dwell on like I do others.


Most excellent



Seriously, loved your post. Thinking about it I remember doing stuff like that when I needed a shower after a working, but wet my hair, applied coconut and/or other hair creams, had a smoke, then had a shower. Don’t remember the stuff getting completely dry though. Years ago.

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Let me know.
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Always love reading what you write. Big fan here.

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Yeah @UncleAl you’re the best man