Famous Nativities

This journal will be dedicated to studying the natal charts of notable people to show how astrology determined key events and themes of their lives. I won’t do extremely detailed delineations but rather focus on exposing the principal mechanisms that shaped them to become who they did. I will try to post as often as my schedule allows and I invite you to post requests on nativities you’d like to see me cover.


Ada Lovelace, Sor Juana de la Cruz, or Sir Christopher Lee please :slight_smile:


Aleister Crawley, John Lennon, Jim Morrison, Selena and maybe John Bohnam? That is of course if the info is available.

Of course if I only could pick one person it’d be none of the above and I’d like to know about Lenmy Kilmeister cuz Motörhead rocked. :stuck_out_tongue: (not that the others didn’t. Though I dunno if Selena did).

Add: Edited out Indira Ghandi above as that might break the no politics rule but gotta say it would be interesting to know if her stars played a role in her death and its timing.


I’d love to see Alan Moore and Grant Morrison :smiley: :bouquet:


My favorite author please: Herman Hesse

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