Evocation of living human beings astral body

I’d like to say that thanks to @Laurel_Spider and her stellar obsession creation I’m getting more practice calling living beings to evocation.

I wonder if the person trances out Abit during this process in real time? Anyone know?

I use a special obsidian mirror inside a triangle with the targets name and photo if possible.

I call the astral body by imagining my target first physically, then I look over their shoulder and see the white silver band which is their chi energy or etheric body, after that is a colored cloudy body, that is the body of desire or the astral body.

You could call their mental/true spirit or even their higher or infernal self theoretically.

When I have the astral body I bind it or load it with energy or intentions to suit my purpose. I really hold the visualization because for things to keep their shape in the astral it requires time and visualization and willpower to create something permanent or semi permanent. Other thoughts that’s are fleeting create phantasms with no power.

Then I give license to depart and give the astral body a push towards where the direction I feel their physical body is most likely.

Anyone wish to share methods or results?


This is awesome! Thank you for sharing.

Following, looking forward to more.


Your method is similar to how we can interface with spirits and Djinn on the astral. I was informed that they themselves can use our astral bodies this way. If you make your way into a living human you will have plenty of luck because people are unguarded and completely unconscious or unaware of the astral.


Yes I’d agree with that it seems to mirror my experience


This will depend on the sensitivity of the person involved (the more sensitive, potentially the more likely) and the depth of evocation. To be safe, when I’m evoking someone that isn’t an enemy, I usually given them a timeframe and try to.work out a good time when they won’t be doing something requiring concentration or fine motor skills.

Keep in mind that the astral is just a label for understanding with this area. Also keep in mind that there may be other energetic bodies they’ve created, say, like someone that created their HGA or the parallel Helios Unbound approach. They can also very much be trapped in the same or separate holding device (triangle, circle, etc…). Why not collect and act on them all? None of those are.golden tickets, after all.

Iirc, I hinted at evoking and anchoring energy in my Shadownomicon stuff. It’s related to this type of process. Don’t forget to use their own energy, too.

Energy skills with an evoked target creates a lot of opportunities. But they take practice, actual practice. I frequently mention practicing on pedos and rapists. Not only do they not escape justice, but I get practice.

But @all , if a deceased victim needs a lot of work and healing that anyone on this thread doesn’t want to do or can’t, kindly send them my way, if you would.


Thlstls a good point.

You are a good human being. I salute you brother.


I would like NOT have learned if Hecate hadn’t come and said “Do This” and I whined, moaned, and groaned the whole time. I don’t care about planetary this and that. Haven’t seemed to need any of it. Hail to Hecate and credit to her.

But going through the daily process of getting through the 6th month (during the 8th physical month, with daily rituals when I was moving, but unable to do rituals), did result in this understanding and I had the skills to watch this egregor (or whatever terminology you want to use) come into being through the process.

If someone doesn’t know about it or sense it, then it becomes a safety net of sorts, but not a huge one. Like any created being, it needs energy, focus, etc… to keep it topped off and directed as you would rather it be.

But if someone does, well, then you’re expecting a safety net that could be poisoned (consider it) or that isn’t there (last resort, control and alter first). Naturally, like all created beings, the longer it has been used and the quality of the programming (initial or otherwise) comes into play.

But they can be slapped into triangles like anything else…