Evocation of Divinitory Egregores

So in this journal I am going to be documenting experiments with divinatory egregores.I will be evoking the spirits of Geomancy figures, Runes, Tarot, and Lenormand.
I have already evoked Albus and Carcer and will be posting experiences with these two spirits soon.
If you would like to see any spirit in particular let me know. I will also be experimenting with different evocation methods to see what works best with me.


Nice! Looking forward to it!


I’m especially interested in these!




Somehow, I have never heard of this angel before. Is there a sigil for them or method of calling them?

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Ok so the first write is on Albus. Part of the reason I picked this spirit was in the case of fuvking up majorly much harm wouldn’t come to me. I had never evoked spirits at this point. The embodiment of peace shouldn’t really be interested in hearing people right?

Circle of Salt
Glass of water
White Candle
Dark room
White Pebbles in the Shape of Albus
Instrumental Music( any is fine as long as it means peace to you)
Incense as an offering( here’s where I fucked up)

So ever thing except the incense and music were inside of the circle. I started off with vibrating the name Albus and alternating between asking them to appear in the circle. There is a specific chant I used but I’m not sure if I can share it here. After a few minutes Albus has not appeared. I continue calling.
I then hear a few tones change in my ear, this usually happens when a spirit is nearby. I ask Albus if they are here and I see the candle flame start to move. After confirming that the flame is them I started to ask questions and see what the spirit can do.

Can you heal my right hand? Result: pain in right hand is numbed not completely healed.

Can you ease my anxiety? A feeling of peace washed over me.

Can you boost my clairaudience? A temporary increase in this particular clair.

After the last question I gave them the incense. Unfortunately, the incense spilled ash and broke the salt circle. The only outcome of this is I was hugged by the spirit. The energy of this spirit is pure peace and happiness. I however am very touch averse.

Lastly, I gave the spirit the license to depart and cleaned the room of any lingering energy.


This is cool.


One thing I forgot to mention is I also carved Albus’ name and figure into the candle. I used lavender incense since it is mercurial.

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Next figure is Carcer. I used a slightly different method since I was going for a different goal.

Chalk circle
Glass of water
Three Black Candles with Carcer carved in them
Dark room
White Pebbles in the Shape of Carcer
No Music
Incense already burning
Paper Talisman filled with herbs and a crystal
Done on a Saturday night

Everything was in the circle this time. Once again started off with vibrating the name Carcer and alternating between asking them to appear in the circle. Carcer arrived quicker than Albus, but I almost missed their arrival. They do not talk much so I had to go off energy and a pendulum. I confirm that they are here. It seems as though the candle manifestation wasn’t as strong this time which could be due to Saturn being in retrograde, the use of chalk instead of salt, lack of music, or having to decide between 3 candles.

I ask Carcer if they are able to charge the talisman to inspire discipline within me when I wear it on my person. Nothing audible so I use the pendulum and received a yes.

I ask them if they need as long as the candles burn to charge it and I received a no.

I ask if they need an hour and received a yes.

I ask if offering more herbs and incense will help them with charging it and received a yes. So I gave the spirit more herbs and incense.

After an hour of charging on my altar(and checking on the talisman) I gave the spirit the license to depart and cleansed the room of any lingering energy.