DUKANTÉ: Nine Divinities, Nine Families

Introducing the Dukante Hierarchy!

The Complete Book of Demonolatry, S. Connolly

Nine Divinities
Lucifer - air
Flereous - fire
Leviathan - water
Belial - earth
Amducious - negative pole
Verrine - positive pole
Unsere - life
Eurynomous - death

Nine Families

Family One

Family Two

Family Three

Family Four

Family Five

Family Six

Family Seven

Family Eight

Family Nine

This image is excellent to orient onself regarding the Dukante Hierarchy. If you wish, you may write the corresponding name of the spirits, matching the number with the family. EZ.

I dedicate this new thread to Delepitore: wisdom, teacher of magick, well rounded.

Feel free to direct anything and everything Dukante here.


Fabulous man, exciting to see this. Will be watching.

@ultimma I think this is of interest to you, check this regularly


The Pyramid of the Families

Our reference today is the nonagon. We know that each number represents the families. These families choose to represents themselves as pyramids. Outside of the nonagon are nine pyramids. The greatest of these is the First Family. This pyramid was taller than the rest, by several orders of magnitude.

I cannot explain this clearly yet, but do note how the first name, Satan, is the apex and the base of the pyramid. To decend in the hierarchy is to approach the middle of the pyramid. Note that Belial does not repeat. This is important. He is a cornerstone. More on this later.


The Introduction


This spirit stepped forth to function as a guide.
The Sigil of Delepitore:

The Meeting

Using the Pyramid of the First Family, I journeyed to meet them.
Arriving, I found myself at a dinner table several hundred feet in length. It reminded me of Russian Aristocracy from several hundred years ago. I heard a voice say,
We are the first family

I saw a figure seated at one of the ends of the table. Quiet power. A male. A slightly sunken face. Eyes jet black, smoldering. (I don’t do the prepatory immersion stuff, I just go for it. Later, I found out this was Satan. Whom I avoided till now.)
Without words, I was informed that Belial was the table itself.

I then said,
“First Family, who is…” repeating this phrase for each Name. Idk why, likely as a healthy appropriate measure of respect.

Delepitore told me to develop this dinner table image. I use the pyramid, projecting into it one arrives at the dinner table. Then, one may repeat the name of the desired spirit to learn from it.


:astonished: :flushed: incredible


Notes from the Dinner Table
Session 1

Satan - Male. Quiet. Smoldering eyes. The Quintessence of this system.
tasa reme laris satan, ave saranis

Unsere - Female. Appearing in the NE. She expressed as a light blue egg, a beautiful robin’s egg. She seems to have a gentle hand. She told me for “those that are unsure i can work with them”
unsere tasa lirach on ca ayer

Satanchia - The scene shown was straight out of the Book of Revelation. The city of god is on earth, and is surrounded. There is a tent of a commander. Therein, the focus is on a War Table. Satanchia indicated he is to be “met” there, at this War Table.
furca na alle laris Satanchia

Agaliarept - I see old civilization learning to fashion tools of stone to war with. “Fire of battle. I am lust and strategy. I have been… I taught fire” The lust is lust for blood and violence. This spirit feels very very ancient. Ah! He too is an Ancient of Days. Hehe.
on ca agaliarept agna (agna, agni, fire???)

Lucifage - (Not a typo) The impression here is that of a Communication Control Network. Those that man the radios, which is an essential component of battle. To relay, carry messages to and fro the earth.For my fellow vets, think of like the 25 series type MOS’
eyen tasa valocur Lucifuge Rofocale

Flereous - Appearing in the South. A male with long red hair and a full beard. “The Serenity of Flame” Think of when you exercise and get into “the zone”. In battle, the vibe is just you and your heartbeat, in the midst of battle, you battle with an inner calm. This is Flereous.
ganic tasa fubin flereous

Lucifer - No interaction.

Beelzebuth - A faint impression of dancing and singing around him, like he is the hidden center of a witches shabbat. Getting a feel for this will attract Beelzebuth. He said he needed to speak about me and was unsure about me. It is unrealistic to expect to get along with every person and spirit you meet. No harm, no foul.
adey vocar avage Beelzebuth

Belphegore - “If somebody attacks you, ask me for an appropriate weapon.” I asked “Prudent to ask for training, yes?” “[that is] up to the user” I say “no babysitting?” Response “yeah”
I see motion, the wheels of a car moving, gears of a watch in movement. I bellowed unexpectedly “Fire of Heart” and felt an invigoration in my heart chakra and my actual flesh.
lyan ramec catya ganen Belphegore

Mesphito - Manifesting in the North. Keeper of the book of the dead. I asked if he is like an Azrael. “function, not in approach”
mesphito ramec viasa on ca

Delepitore - Forming in the WWN. This spirit told me I’d learn more as I continue to work with her. Teacher.
deyen pretore ramec Delepitore on ca

Belial - “The table is enough for now”
lirach tasa vefa wehlc belial

Initial Thoughts

First, you shouldn’t care about how I interact with the energy. What matters is how you interact with them. However, it’s nice to have a marker or so.

All this made me feel very very drunk. After my first foray into this, I literally moved at like 30%. I did not feel heavy, but my body was lethargic. Like lag in a video game. I nodded of twice as I was making dinner.

So, I would offer that this is something you work with during a weekend, and not before you head to work.


I’d love conversation and engagement from our community. However, I am not an expect or an authority. Basically I picked this up a few days ago, so keep that in mind.

S. Conolloly worships them. I respect her and her work. This is not my approach. She talks about how evoking them is disrespectful. Negative, space ranger. I’m using the names and going in my own direction with this. I may not even use the sigils, as I have no present need for them.


Edit: I plan to visit each of these spirits from the First Family ala pathworking, and maybe a Q & A. This is very much a smell the Dukante Roses type of situation


Mad respect bro, I’m in awe man!! I salute you!



Busy bee bro. This and a triangle with Jannes, Jambres and Moses. Plus the Tree work… lmao my spirit body is getting a workout :rofl:
Edit: And Success Magick by Damon Brand. I think I’ve figured out what it actually does. It’s like watering a mustard seed, and watching it grow. The mustard seed are whatever magick projects we have going on. Even if somebody doesn’t, you do.


Sure is!!! I had some of the pieces, you found them all AND put them together!!! Super impressive, this is a diamond mine you’ve shared with us.


Yes, he is considered the ALL in this paradigm. It is interesting to note that there are other aspects, named aspects, such as the Fifth Satan is - Kasdeya. The imagery from the Kasdeya itself is that Satan is the composite whole, the ALL. Just as the 5th element is often listed as Spirit, the (aware) Magician, the 5th Satan is Kasdeya on Connolly’s.

What is also interesting is that Zagam/Zagan is missing, as is Baal and Verrine. Verrine is Dukante, iirc.


Credit to S. Connolly for the bones of this ritual. Here is my spin on it, with guidance. I’m justly assuming the reader is familiar with how this works.

Middle Pillar
Blinding light from far above. “HECATE”
At the third eye. “Eh-Yeah”
At the throat chakra. “Lucifuge Rofocal”
At the heart chakra. “Beliar” I find myself using two hands, two sword mudras.
At the solar plexus. “Flereous”
At the root chakra. “AhTom”

Pentagram Ritual
These pentagrams are the variety that point to the earth.
West. “Leviatan”
South. “Flereous”
North. “Beliar”

Before me,
in-body-ment HE VAU HE YOD, of the East
Behind me,
in-body-ment Leviatan, of the West
On my right,
in-body-ment Flereous, of the South
On my left,
in-body-ment Beliar, of the North
(Note: this portion functions as a mild invocation)

Around me flame the primordial pentagrams, and within me the Black Diamond.
(Note: they pronounce it as dee-ah-mon. A mixture b/w diamond and daimon?)

Mesphito, First Family
Source material: mephisto – V.K. Jehannum

Appeared in the NNW. The chirp of a bird.

Initially, this spirit was a tad moody. However, it rather quickly backtracked and more or less apologized. Hey, I get moody too. No harm, no foul. After the repetition of the source material, I invoked this spirit. Here, we continued to speak. But much of the exchange was without words, image-impressions with data.

I laid out my goals and plans. My agenda. I invited it to do the same. A weird moment was had were something was said about standing naked together. In the vibe of Genesis, the flesh of my flesh blood of my blood bone of my bones part.

Oh! As I vibrated the “LIFTOACH PANDEMONIUM” We both said “The angels flee”. Currently, I don’t kick any spirits out of my temple. I have been taught to be perceptive, and I extend this expectation to all spirits. If angels wanna hang out cool. If they find themselves surrounded by frequencies they are afraid of… pay attention then.

Oh! Some serious energy was drummed up before the invocation. Like injecting an energy drink straight into the heart. A sustainable, full bodied sort of energy. During the invocation I began to drool a good bit, not from loss of control, that is just how the invocation expressed. Raw. Unashamed. Naked.

Get this, as I let spittle fall as I kept repeating the invocation, (I just counted them now), nine drops of spittle fell onto the paper. He told me to copy the droplets of spittle and use that as a personal calling card, or sigil for this spirit.

This invocation, partial possession, I noticed I had written several figures. One of them, which I share below, he said “my letter”. I held this figure backwards, and found it to mirror a portion of a preexisting sigil of Mesphito.

He did ask me to share this portion explicitly. I was asked how I felt, in reaction to this energy. I felt a slight invigoration, enthusiam to learn. I felt compassion emanate from this spirit. I was corrected and he said,
“no, philios” I searched this word after the fact, it is Greek for friend.

There are portions of our conversation that I cannot recall. If, or when I recall, I’ll attempt to update this post.

Edit: The VK material has “the invocation of mesph…” However, I did not use this to invoke Mesphito. Fuck me what did I say to invoke him??? Haha :joy: fuck me

Edit 2: I had a neat plan for this Dukante system. However, it seems to have it’s own way of doing this.

Edit 3: I now remember that I was given a clue for my upcoming Qlippoth work. Invoke the ruler of said Qlippa, then proceed with the chants to initiate. Then travel, pathwork, or however it chooses to express itself.

Edit 4: I wanted to work with Flereous to develop a manifestation base with the four elements + Quintessence. But Mesphito basically said to chill out before I blow a gasket or something. I know I know. Sustainability. :expressionless::expressionless:

Edit 5: I’m rereading the final part of the middle pillar. Atom? Is the word atom? I just wrote it down as I was guided. But I think the word is Atom. Hmmmm :thinking:


@CosmicTofu Bravo :clap::clap::clap:

NGL man you’re raising the bar with material like this. How am I gonna keep up with you man lol? I loved the spin on the middle pillar and pentagram ritual.

From VKs writings I put together HVHY can be pronounced Chavaoth…Deus Alienus…OH YEAH!

Dude this is so raw and authentic… flat out fucking exciting, pardon my language on your journal brother. Dude you couldn’t make something up with a zing like that if you tried all day. Neither could I. This is a powerful truth you experienced man.

Dude this was hot stuff, from beginning to end. I’ve often thought Dukantes system held keys, riddles and secrets to the infernals that a ceremonial magician just wouldn’t have access to unless he cross trained in that system. The problem I had was finding decent information about the system and it’s structure. You’re really making it do what it do here man.

Super impressed my brother.

:tophat: Hats off on this one. Great post!



Ah! That makes a lot of sense. Something has kept whispering my name, and I think I heard part of that Chavaoth name.

I did a mass with these nine Dukante leaders earlier today too. The silence after that ritual was straight up primordial. The silence before whatever the fuck big bang, creation, whatever. Powerful stuff.

Also, some of the Qlippoth stuff is super interwoven with the Book of Genesis. If I recall correctly, Naamah was married to Noah. And I suspect the Jannes Jambres and Moses Triangle can be used to have a chat with these biblical figures. Eventually I wanna evoke these biblical figures too.

The possibilities make me giddy :grin:


Id love to evoke Qayin ( Kain) and ask about his life after being marked and cursed…

If you haven’t met Raflifu or Verinne yet, they rock you’ll love them.

Yes the Jannes, Jambres, Moses triangle…

You know I think that’s a reference only you and I understand. You might want to break it down for your audience…or not up to you. A little bit of mystery is cool. :sunglasses: :raised_hands:


Ah, Cain. The path against all paths. I feel like I’m working my way there. No quite there yet, developmentally speaking.

Yeah I invoked Verrine yesterday. I burnt a dried rose and the ash was used to sign a cross on my chakras for some much appreciated healing. That spirit feels very much like the green of nature, the green of palm trees and grass. Very good natured too, which is appreciated. I’ll research Raflitu.

I’ll likely dedicate a post to Jannes Jambres and Moses at some point. It needs development so I don’t wanna say to much without experience (I’m still working on the Moses portion. I get the jive there are 5 or so Moses’… man my brain hurts).


Yeah it’s almost like a title doesn’t it seem that way to you also? :face_with_monocle::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Well the J&J&M bit is yours man so I won’t be letting that cat outta the bag brother. :wink:

Yeah Verrine is a absolutely a gem…what a fabulous spirit. Verinne spirit of Autumn and the black moon. :love_you_gesture:


The Third Divinity: Flereous

Note: There is some overlap between the Dukante Flereous and the Goetic Haures. I use a black candle as a central point for this work.

Flereous presenced itself in the West-North. As it condensed into my ritual space, I noted something like a black panther prowling about. It did not immediately show up in front of my face, as some spirits do. Think of holding out food for a cat, and how it is cautious. It may circle around you before approaching your hand. That is how Flereous expressed itself.

Sharpen, Flereous said. It sent me the images of a dart → arrow → bullet. Something about degrees or intensity of training that can be accomplished with Flereous. What was being conveyed was the use of these three at tender spots of an enemy. As a feline strikes at key arteries and uses tooth and claw. It told me a feline approach to combat is akin to dampening your signature on the spirit planes. Instead of an enemy noticing the signature of you as a person, it may only detect “human”. It showed me something like two letter Yod and applying these two yods over the sigil is a a sort of shortcut to this spirit. These yods are a light jungle green color.

I detected the taste of menthol, and the brief scent of excrement. As I invoked this spirit, I had something of a collapse. Like, as I repeated the titles and qualities of this spirit, I found them superimposed on myself. A title is “golden eyed demoness” and I saw my eyes as golden and feline.

It then showed me this:

It is a triangle, at the base is the enn of the spirit without the vowels. Then the last letter was removed. Working our way up the triangle, we have the sigil. Ascending, we have the name of the spirit. We then remove a letter.

It kept showing me four of these, as to form a pyramid. The base, the square of the pyramid are the four dukante divinities associated with the directions: Lucifer, Leviathan, Flereous, Belial. I don’t fully get what it is for, but it has a wonderful signature of being a piece of a puzzle.


The First Divinity: Satan of the Dukante

I’m quite the artist, aren’t I? :joy: I joke…

This lil image packs quite a punch. The lil circle is the operator, user, magician. The numbers are positions for one to raise their arms, in the numbered order. Think of when you hold your arms in a T-Pose, ala LBRP: that would be number 3 and 4.

The Dukante Satan instructed me to raise my arms in the numbered order, vibrating the name of the Divinity associated with the number.

The Dukante Satan said it roots the nine dukante divinities. For whatever reason, this really pulled at my heartstrings. When I understood what he meant, my eyes got all watery. It was a mixture of awe and rejoicement… Lots of positive emotions flowed freely. He recommended to repeat this nine times. I suppose this serves as an excellent lil ritual to prepare the way for dukante work.

I traveled to the nonagon, each face represents one of the nine families. I saw a star with nine extensions, above the nonagon. The nonagon was two dimensional, and this nine star was three dimensional. As always, I saw the nine pyramids outside of the nonagon. The Dukante Satan began to narrate,
The Star of Nine… the Heart-Engine
Nine particularizations. Hail [honor]
I saw the nine pyramids outside of the nonagon. These pyramids began to like collapse into the nonagon, with the base of the pyramids facing the viewer. The apexes of the pyramids all touched together, collapsing. This (dot? collapsed item?) ascended into the three dimensional nine star.

I then saw a figure, presumably the Dukante Satan, hold a cube. I mimed him, which seemed to be an appropriate course of action. Within this cube was the nonagon and the star. I got the impression that the image of a figure holding a cube is a conceptulaization of how we experience time.

Within the cube is our perception-experience of time. Outside of the cube, is acausal, atemporal. I then began to ask “How is the Dukante Satan different from Satan?” But all I got was the neigh of a horse, and he told me the session was over. Lol. I’ll be back, Dukante Satan!


The Initiation of Satan

When I first approached this system, I went to the top of the Dukanté Hierarchy. I want to know this Satan, and boy, oh boy, I did. As a spoiler, this was probably the roughest Initiation by far. Also, the most illuminating. And yep, I am quite well!

Basically, somebody almost hit my car. I honked my horn, and went into a store. Unbeknownst to me, this individual had backed up and started to follow me. He started hollering and swearing at me. Some folk around here have amphetamine issues, so I ignored and didnt pay him any mind.

This individual started a whole deal. “You got a fucking problem motherfucker I’ll bust you up right now talking that shit.” Real swell guy. I just looked at him. He approached me and got two inches from my face. Mind you, this person was twice my age.

The whole damn store was looking at the scene. He was not what I would describe as stable. Anywhos, he kept repeating “Do we got a problem” over and over again.

My mind, my heart, and my voice were resolute and calm. Probably the calmest I’ve felt in a long time. All I said was “I have a problem with folk who try to start fights with people half their age.”

Point is he got more and more aggressive and I just walked away.


My adrenal response kicked in a bit after. My mind, my heart and my voice were calm and steady. I didn’t match his whole blind Geburah vibe, because frankly, it could have ended in a hospital. He did have the childish confidence of somebody who is carrying a weapon.

Anywhos, I hopped in my car.
You passed my Trial Satan said. The impression of the word Initiation with a thumbs up. Yep, it was rough. However, since I did not escalate, I did not fear for my life.

He seemed paranoid, so I do not tolerate the possibility of somebody tailing me and possibly bringing harm to those I live with. Rabid dog and all that…


Boy, oh boy. On the bright side, I learned about my actual practical ability to navigate a dangerous situation. I was pleased that the adrenal response did not overwhelm my body. Nor did it manifested in a studdering nervous voice.

The Dukante spirits I worked with today arrived after one repetition. Damn near instantaneous.

As I write this, I remember that an aim was to be Satan when working this system.


I like the Dukanté system. I’ll continue walking my own way with it, and learning from it’s Promethian fruits. The danger came not from the system, but from my being Satan when working the system thingy.

All in all, this was the most illuminating experience I’ve had yet. This is not an edgelord post. (That’s why I avoided Satan for years, all the edgelord stuff makes me vomit) This is not a blind approach inwhich fools without wisdom mistake blind suffering for spiritual growth, as some other forums tend to do.


As a final note, I’d like to share a nice little gem. It’s not about more power. Blind lust for power is a fool’s errand. The craft of the wise might suggest something like this:

First, the wise and efficacious use of present power.
Then, an appropriate expansion of power.

That is a formula that I look forward to applying when I begin my Qlippoth work.

I had no idea about any of this Initiation stuff until after the fact.
Relevant meme:

Lmao guess what song my phone started playing?

:joy::joy: I get it lmao


Can I ask what Hekate’s role is here?

I’m not at all familiar with LBRP, Middle Pillar, Kabbalah, Demonalatry, Crowley, etc. Pardon my ignorance!