Dragonfruit ~ Melek Taus, the Peacock Angel

It was, I suppose, @norse900 who put my feet on this path by giving me an obsession with peacock feathers. Collecting them for me and sending them to me (thank you so much, my friend).

Eventually I began questioning why I had this curious obsession with peacock feathers, beyond the fact that they are simply gorgeous and fascinating to the eye. I discussed it with someone once, and he dropped the name Melek Taus, also anglicised as Melek Tawus or Melek Ta’us. (Occasionally I might refer to him as MKT or simply MT for simplicity’s sake.)

After digging, there was not much I could find on this entity at all. Two traditions - the Fae/faerie tradition, and Yazidism/Yezidism, a sort of offshoot of Islam, where Melek Taus is hailed as their God, or the personification of God, the demiurge – the first emanation of God – that kind of thing.

Naturally I had to figure out how to contact him, so after a lot of meditation and focus I developed a series of pathworking images, and then sent them separately to my favourite lab rats @norse900 and @ReyCuervo to test.

Before I’d perfected the pathworking, I tried it myself, with minimal results.

Sometimes I will sense what I believe is his presence, but it seems very remote. And it’s usually just tantalisingly out of reach. For instance, I’ll feel drawn to a strong (benevolent) presence in another room of the house. If I try and reach out, it fades.

After I believe I’d finalised the pathworking, but not having tried it myself, I sent it to Cuervo and Norseman.

Results below.

(Veil note: I did not take a neutral/diplomat guardian the first time I spoke to him myself. That may have been a mistake.)

Norseman’s experience:

Mostly it just drove my curiosity to greater heights. It felt similar to Leviathan, where he was giving me signs and synchronicities and nudges constantly, but whenever I reached out for contact, there was no solid connection. I had to work for it.

Obviously, I kept trying.

(Edit: Most of this content was originally posted here).


If I may add some commentary (peacocks are my favourite birds):

Not exactly connected with Melek Taus, but with…Taus in general.
In ancient Greek, the peacock is called Ταώς/Taos.
So the story says, that at some point, Zeus fell in love with Io, nymph and priestess of Hera and mated with her. When Hera got aware of that, Zeus transformed Io into a cow to protect her from Hera’s anger.
Hera, asked from her husband to give her the cow as gift, he accepted as he had no option apparently, and Hera placed the primordial giant Argus who had the epithet Panoptes (all seeing) to watch her with his 100 eyes. And he did, day and night, as 50 of his eyes were sleeping each time and the other 50 were awake. Until Zeus asked from Hermes to free Io from Argus.
Hermes, transformed into a shepherd, made him fall asleep and killed him, freeing Io from her All Seeing watchman.

Why I find this beautiful:

…after Hermes killed Argus, Hera to honor her watchful guardian, forever preserved his hundred eyes in the tail of the constellation Ταώς, Pavo, the Peacock, her sacred birds which even lead her chariot to heaven. Just as his presence, he’s there but it fades when you try to reach, like stars in the night sky.

I have more to say but I’ll tire you out even more, so I’ll leave it on that. What’s a journey without an exploration after all!


…and a bit later, the Argophentes (it is spelled like that?) came to be. I remember that story.

…by telling him the most boring story he could come up. Yeah, same story.

Fuck, is so damn amazing to have you back, @anon72207483 :smiley:


I love this, thank you so much for sharing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

There are many more things I have to say about Melek Taus, please do come back and share anything you think is related – he is still a bit of a mystery to me, but he seems very ancient and very powerful.


That’s actually a bit complicated because Argus Panoptes and Argus the ship builder who became one of the Argonauts, had the same name, their father had same name, but they all were different people :rofl: Although the story I know, its that Argus Panoptes was son of Gaia, which is why he was a primordial giant! You can’t be a primordial giant if your parent(s) are humans!

More or less for everyone, we know Melek Taus mostly from Yezidis, and Yezidis are really gatekeeping their teachings. They’re one of the very few religions that do not accept converts, so the Black Book of Yezidis, If I recall correct the title, wasn’t written by them but from some westerners. Based on them of course. We can’t know!
I can tell you for certain that Yezidis themselves, say their religion (and so their main deity, Melek Taus) roots in ancient Mesopotamia not sure how they connect, but in a depiction of Melek Taus we see the symbol AN that in Summerian means sky, heaven and the sky god Anu but also means god/deity and is used before various names of gods


Like Enki

Anu of course




No, I meant the epithet Hermes got from that story… in my head it sounds Argofontes, so I don’t know how to spell it


Yes exactly, he got the name Argeiphontes, because he killed Argus Panoptes!


I remember discovering that as well during one of my frustrating rabbit-hole dives trying to find more information about anything related to Melek Taus. There is so little information out there.

One particular thing of note was that peacocks are not even native to the region of the world where Yezidism originated. :thinking:

As far as their tradition, Yezidism is completely based in oral history, although I believe there have been some scholars who were allowed to collect some of their qewls (hymns), and this work may be ongoing. I have my hands on a translation of one qewl for Melek Taus, which I’ll post eventually.

As far as Yezidic books, they have the Book of Revelation and The Black Book. Whether they are legitimate or not is apparently still up for debate. The Book of Revelation (I linked its wiki article but too lazy to re-read) was, if I recall correctly, said to have been written by an avatar or mortal reincarnation of Melek Taus, who may or may not have been hailed as the “founder” of Yezidism, despite their oral history going back long before that.

I also found conflicting information on whether Yezidism predates Islam, but given that the Yazidi themselves say that their worship of the Peacock God is based on much more ancient religions, it wouldn’t surprise me.

…As you can see, I wouldn’t make a great scholar. I just wanna play with my imaginary friends. :laughing:


That’s not really an odd thing, peacocks weren’t native to Greece either, they actually came to Greece through Persia in the ancient times. Which makes more sense, if you check the extend of the Persian empire at certain point in history:


The Yezidis are an ancient Indigenous religious community that originate from Northern Iraq (Mesopotamia) and speak various forms of Kurdish language, and even though half of the Yezidi don’t identify as Kurdish, the Kurdish people are also an ancient Indigenous nomadic ethnic group of ancient Mesopotamia. Mesopotamia, is called the area around and between the two rivers (meso =middle, potamia =rivers) aka Tigris and Euphrates which also includes the area known as Sumeria.

To my knowledge Yezidism is indeed an oral religion, which is why not all Yezidis follow the exact same things. For example, some don’t eat pork like Muslims, some others do. They do have sacred books, but its unknown if they survived the various massacres that Yezidis went through. (I hope that’s not considered political, I just had to explain why their books might be destroyed)
Yezidism appears to be its own unique religion with a…collection of practices/ideologies from various religions (Zorastrism, Islam, Christianity etc) like so many others (see Christianity for example).

Yes, that’s what someone who lived 600 years after Seikh Abi said :joy: They say he’s not the founder, but the person who…gathered the neo Yezidi (?) in mountain Lalish. Its confusing, really, but I know that a pilgrim to mountain Lalish is considered even nowadays an important part of Yezidism, something they have to do at least once in their life, not only because Abi lays there, but also because the 7 Mysteries (including Melek Taus) landed first to this mountain, from heavens. Mountain Lalish is also considered the central tower of Satan based on LaVey.

My informations on that is vague, I can tell you though that many Yezidis of the diaspora are visiting Hindu temples to pray, because they too have peacocks and fire rituals.

Since the information about Yezidisim and what they truly teach is hard to be found, I’d say maybe you should focus more into the symbolism of the peacock in order to connect more with Melek Taus.

(I’ll come back later with a bit more information on that, which may or may not help and may or may not confuse you)

:joy: :joy: :joy:

Thank you so very much for appreciation, but I’m simply an explorer! Maybe language helps too as I don’t have to rely on doubtful translations and explanations


This could explain why, or be based on, the fact that many of Muslim faith persecute the Yezidic people as being “demon worshippers”. As far as I’ve read, their mythology splits mainly based on the fact that followers of Islam perceive Melek Taus to be Iblis/Shaitan/“the Devil”, whereas the Yezidic folk worship him as the first emanation of God. It wouldn’t not make sense for LaVey to capitalise on that for the sensationalism of satanicism.

Yes, interesting indeed that there are (if I recall correctly) two variants of peacock/peahen - one being Indian; and also the fact that in Yezidism, their creation legend states something like God was resting in a pearl on the back of a giant bird named Angar – which in Hindi, or another of the Indian dialects, forgive my ignorance – means something like ‘ember’ or ‘fire’ (Angar/Angaar). Anyone please correct me if I am mistaken.

(I would love this – I have performed several workings with him and am just stepping out my journal entries so I don’t overwhelm them with info)

Very qewl

While I am at it, let me post the qewl of Melek Taus, cleaned up and anglicised.

(NB: “Ya Rabbi” means essentially “O Lord” or “O God”).

Ya Rabbi, you are the angel of angels.
Ya Rabbi, you are the angel of generosity.
Ya Rabbi, you are the angel of the highest sky.
Ya Rabbi, you are the ancient one since eternity [began],
You are the one who is complete; happy and understanding.

Ya Rabbi, you are the eternal creator,
You are the one with eternal awareness,
And you are the one worthy of eternal praise and worship.

Ya Rabbi, you are the angel of man and djinn,
Ya Rabbi, you are the angel of Arsh (throne) and Kursi (chair)*,
Ya Rabbi, you are the angel of ox and fish,
Ya Rabbi, you are the angel of all realms and all that is holy.

You are eternal, who stands in the source of light,
You are eternal, the most high,
You are One, and praises belong only to you.

Ya Rabbi, you are the master of the sky’s dome,
Ya Rabbi, you are the master of sun and moon.
Ya Rabbi, you are [a] generous master,
Ya Rabbi, you are worthy of praise and worship.

Ya Rabbi, you are higher than the highest skies.
Without an equal, and everywhere,
Unborn, and not giving birth, you Are.
You protect hands and feet,
You are worthy of praise and worship.

Ya Rabbi, you were generous to the whale,
You gave [to us] food,
You are gentle and powerful.

Ya Rabbi, you are the wisest of the wise.
Ya Rabbi, you are both the doctor and the cure.
Ya Rabbi, [needing neither] food nor sleep,
You own everything, [and] you take care of [those who own (?)].

Ya Rabbi, the Earth is your place.
Ya Rabbi, you are without sin and [without] colour,
Neither sound, nor echo,
Neither legs, nor arms.

Ya Rabbi, no one knows how you came to be.
Ya Rabbi, you chose the obligation of worship,
You protect [all] souls, [on each side of you] there are 2000 angels standing.

Ya Rabbi, you are master of the king and the poor [man alike].
Ya Rabbi, you are master of everything.
Ya Rabbi, you gave Adam the chance of repentance.
Ya Rabbi, you are the master of intercession.

Ya Rabbi, you are generous, merciful and trustworthy,
Ya Rabbi, you are eternal, and we are nothing.
Ya Rabbi, I am [but] an addicted sinner.
You are both the remedy and the cure;
You are the remedy, and the doctor.
You are the doctor, and we, [helpless].
Ya Rabbi, you always know where our remedy [lies].

Ya Rabbi, you are the friend of strangers.
And in mistake, sin, disorder,
We give you our [acknowledgement] and prayers.
Ya Rabbi, forgive us.

Ya Rabbi, you are the eternal one.
And [as] the creator,
And you are worthy of praise and worship.

Ya Rabbi, you are the creator,
And we are the created.
You are the hope, and we are the aspirants.

(Edit: this was translated to English for me by @anon9969811 and tidied up/anglicised by me).


The ‘Arsh’ translated as throne literally means an elevated seating structure that kings and emperors use to sit on. With respect to its meaning in the Holy Quran, it is a great structure which Allah has created. As mentioned by Iman Al Qurtubi, ‘The Arsh is the greatest of things that Allah has created.’ (Tafseer AL Qurtubi Vol. 8, Pg. 302-303).

The creation of the throne was not for the purpose of sitting on it. Indeed, Allah is transcendent of occupying a place and time or being similar to his creation. Allah alone knows the reality of the Arsh.

It is also known that the Arsh has posts and that the angels will carry it. In the Quran, Allah says, ‘And the angels will be on it sides, and eight will, that day, bear the throne of your Lord above them.’ (Surah 69, Verse 17).


The Kursi which literally means ‘a chair’ is another great structure which Allah has created and is different from the Arsh, and is smaller. Like the Arsh, the creation of the Kursi was not was not for the purpose of sitting. Allah is above and beyond sitting and standing and all spatial location and placement.

This qewl/hymn helped me to refine my pathworking to him.

@anon72207483, please come back any time :blush: :bouquet:


Far as I know, common belief is rabbi is actually the word for teacher, but that’s just semantics because the definitions also say it can mean lord or master as well as teacher. Almost anyway you slice it, they all fit pretty much interchangeably in the quoted hymn so it doesn’t really matter much which meaning you take in this case I think. But in case people reading think it only means teacher or only means my god or whatever I just thought I’d mention it’s other meanings. It’s actually kinda funny how interchangeable the meanings are in this context.


That is actually something I specifically asked as well, “does Rabbi mean ‘Teacher’ here such as in Judaism?” And I was told that no, in the Kurdish dialect or the Islamic sense (I may be misremembering since this was a while ago), it means “God” or similar – not quite “Allah” (as far as Islam goes) but close to it. Someone/something exalted and praised.

And not RAB-EYE as in Judaism, but RAH-BEE.


Ι can confirm that specifically “Ya Rabbi” means Oh God




Alright, may as well go full steam ahead.

First contact

Of June 1, 2022, written June 2 2020.

At the very last moment I remembered Rey telling me to take a guide, and so I took both Metatron and Leviathan with me.

My experience with the pathworking was… chaotic, odd, fast-paced. Extremely personal, like… eh, I don’t know how to describe it.

No – I do know how. Hypnotic. That’s the word to encompass it.

I am not going to hold anything back, so I hope you can reserve judgement.

I followed the pathworking. When I was standing in the cosmos (a familiar place for me, Metatron seems to prefer that space too), I called his name twice. At the last second I remembered what @ReyCuervo said about taking a guardian. So I asked Leviathan and Metatron, and they both appeared more quickly than they ever have. I called Melek Taus’s name one last time.

He appeared in the cosmic space with me, as an enormous golden winged serpent, similar to the drawing in my journal (Veil note: see first post of this thread).

At first he just screamed – or really trumpeted or bugled, like an animal. He was enormous. He put his enormous face so near mine that it filled my vision and my (physical) body began swaying its head side to side in time with his.

Next he changed to the image of a man with long black hair in an oddly angular haircut, and golden eyes with no pupils, handsome, average height, with an olive or bronze tone to his skin. He had the tail or “train” of a peacock, or maybe wings. I saw him in full man-form, and then his face filled my field of vision again. Still with the hypnotic gaze and solid golden eyes.

Unsure if all of this is all in the correct order of events; everything happened very quickly, and I left trance very informally so I could write it down.

In man-shape he immediately took my chin and kissed me. It was not like a kiss, but like biting into a ripe apple. Completely unexpected, and he acted so familiarly with me that I was caught in a sort of paralysis. He asked "What do you want?” and I showed him the image of something I want. He said “Together we can do this”, and […] kissed me again, and again it was like biting into fruit, a ripe plum.

(Veil note: I don’t judge anyone who is, but I am personally not interested in having sexual relations with any entity. So suffice to say no entity has ever been so… familiar… with me, and if I’d been asked, I would have said no.)

He showed me someone that I want to influence, then he unceremoniously dumped me into the other person’s body and guided me to feel their essence/existence(?), feel the physicality of being someone else, then how to turn their thoughts toward the thing I wish to influence them toward.

Melek Taus said to me, “Do you see how easy it is?”, and he pulled me out as unceremoniously as he’d thrown me in. He was still in the image of a man. We stood on […] the meadow of grass […], but trees, flowers, animals had sprung up everywhere. Again he completely filled my field of vision and I could see his golden eyes, without pupils, searching my face. I got the impression “Garden of Eden” or “Garden of Paradise”.

Until this point I had not been really aware of Leviathan or Metatron, who I took as my guides, since I called Melek Taus’s name for the third time. However, after Melek Taus conveyed the words Garden of Paradise to me, I was aware of Leviathan in serpent-form. Melek Taus made Leviathan small (or, Leviathan appeared as simply a large snake, like a carpet python). Melek Taus noticed Leviathan and stomped on him with a foot, although his foot was like the talon of a bird. I was aware of Metatron then as well but he was small, by which I mean normal-human-sized in his man-shaped prismatic/grid-of-planes form. Metatron was bent on one knee and had one fist flat to the ground, bowing before Melek Taus. I think this disturbed me even more than Melek Taus treading on Leviathan, as I never imagined Metatron would bow to anyone.

When Melek Taus tried to tread on Leviathan, Leviathan immediately went back to his normal (how I see it) size, in sea-serpent form. Melek Taus likewise changed back to serpent-form and screamed/trumpeted again, like, the sound a dinosaur or a dragon would make. He battered his wings at Leviathan and tried to bite him, and after a brief scuffle Leviathan repelled him and shook him off.

I remember thinking that Melek Taus (or some aspect or mask of him, in mythos) refused to bow to Adam, so I asserted myself and told him to stop being a dick, basically. Told him I am not Man but Woman, and he may not need to bow before the First Man but he must bow before me as the Creative force.

Immediately we were back in paradise, alone, and Melek Taus was in man-form, and AGAIN he turned my face to him and made me kiss him, and still it was like biting into ripe fruit.

After this I didn’t even sever the connection properly or thank him for coming, I just opened my eyes and wrote my notes down. His presence lingered for a bit and then went away.

When I spoke to @ReyCuervo later I told him that I was glad he emphasised to TAKE A GUIDE, because I would not have remembered otherwise, and fuck knows what kind of effect that would have on me. The first interaction I had with Melek Taus was completely hypnotic, and dangerous – the way you know some drugs are dangerously addictive but want to drown in their essence anyway.

And the “kissing”, getting up really close in my space, that whole imagery. No. I have never been interested in that kind of thing when I speak with entities. He was overly familiar, in a lot of ways, like he knew me very well or had a close relationship with me (to put it in human terms). The only others who have ever gotten that close into my personal space are Metatron (invited and purely platonic), and Hermes (to troll me :upside_down_face: ) but no entity has ever acted with that kind of familiar presumptuous toward me.

What disturbs me is his behaviour. I have never seen or even imagined Metatron kneeling before anyone like that. EVER. I feel weird even writing it down or thinking about it. And that’s not even mentioning the fact that he tried to STOMP on Leviathan. What the fuck? The fuck is going on and what have I gotten myself into? And why do I feel like I just wrote the most cringe LARP fanfiction?


I think that’s a probably a big piece of it, I find your language very complicated and translations are definitely not reliable.

As far as politics go it’s okay in my opinion to mention things like this to explain situations, just not with the intent to argue and convert everyone to a particular belief or mindset.

Those beliefs and mindsets and what happens still affects us, and the really old stuff can still be emotional and cause the same types of issues- but when it’s also necessary to understand the context and that the purpose of it being shared- I say it’s okay.

If that makes sense.

@Veil i found this while I was out today… the other choice was one with a wine glass and we all know if I’m going to drink it’s probably going to be whiskey, so there was no choice as far as I saw it…

Yes you can merge this out or delete it or whatever. Just wanted to put out there what I thought about the above.


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I forgot to take a lighter with me, so I was like really, these are the only two chooses? For real? Like wut be the damned odds.


It amuses me because Melek Taus has gone WAY out of his way to demonstrate that he is extremely possessive of me and my attention, and I am still trying to figure out why that is.


I’d assume theirs more to the sum total of who you are, than what you are aware of. That’s only because of my personal experience with similar, but different entities.