Domination Spell: Seething & Elemental Servitor 🔥🌹

Domination Spell: Seething & Elemental Servitor

A simple candle “sweetening” and domination spell took an unexpected turn last week when one of my targets was being stubborn.

The spell was meant to clear out any lingering negative thoughts towards me that my bosses might harbor (my field is toxic af), to fill them with admiration for me, and to get them to comply with my will.

The spell itself was simple; carving candles with the names of my employers, dressing them with commanding oil, and surrounding them with lavender, rose petals, chamomile, angelica root, lemongrass, and cannabis. I included a petition. This was done on a Monday, in the hour of the Sun.

The next day (Tuesday) I took the same petition and rolled it into a sheet of beeswax with a drop of fresh blood and some of the herbs from the candle spell. I chanted into the flame (hour of Saturn).

One of them, the one I have the worst relationship with, was putting up resistance. This turned into seething and domination via mantra, and inspiration struck. The candle was burning just like a fiery rose; it was extraordinarily beautiful. I used the power of the moment and the energy raised from the chanting to create a fire elemental servitor.

I visualised the servitor filling their bodies and “flaming” them with admiration for me and desire to act in accordance with my will- and burning them when they did not. It got so hot my ceramic plate cracked in half.

I bought a red candle and carved their sigil into it. I light it everyday to “feed” her. I have never created a servitor this way, but feel good about it (even if it was a completely spontaneous and unstructured birth).

Its worked a charm so far!

Edit: the sun was is leo, the moon was in aries


Nice work!


Thank you! :rose:


Update: 1 month later, and I have barely heard from them. I have been left to work in peace, at home, without micromanagement or shitty comments. I am very happy with how this turned out!



This give us a very good insight!


Thank you! :slight_smile: