Does devotion to a spirit impede freedom?

i read the rites of astaroth here a fidelity contract will be made with astaroth and it will last a lifetime,So will this affect my future contracts and other decisions regarding different assets?

I don’t want to worship them I see them as allies and friends I’m not someone who aspires to be a living god and rise I just want to achieve my goals,I can always be faithful to Astaroth, but somewhere I want to go back to my normal life and enjoy what I’ve accomplished.

So, if I’m going to die at 70, I don’t want to call him every night until I’m 70 and work. Can I change the contract and clauses? This book is not about that but it is really effective.

@Vitriol i would like to hear your thoughts.


The question here is about pacting which does apply to more spirits than simply Astaroth.

However since we are particularly talking about Astaroth I’d like to hear what @Vitriol has to say also.

To make a pact with Astaroth, a devotional ritual must first occur. Here one dedicates his whole being to Astaroth.

but whenever I want to do something or turn on my computer and spend time, I am tempted by astaroth and I find myself searching for astaroth.

I want him to teach and train me for the rest of my life, but I don’t want him to be my whole being. I want to be free whenever I want.

This seems excessive and unwise. I’m dedicated to Leviathan, but it doesn’t mean I have to worship or similar. Do I make daily offerings? Yes, normally, but not because I have to. I don’t have to evoke him to offer him incense. I simply call out and put the intent there. He hears it and comes.

Maybe it’s because I don’t know the exact pact (current or future?), but this isn’t making sense. Why wouldn’t this be the case?


Who made that rule @martinez ???

In order to pact with Astaroth one must dedicate their whole being?

Where did you read that or who told you that?

I’m not mocking you I’m trying to help you. That idea is outrageous and doesn’t reflect reality in a way at all. I’ve been doing this a very very long time and of ALL the people that I know who pacted with Astaroth, including right here in this forum, that didn’t have to go through anything like that in order to have a satisfying pact.

That’s like Life imitating art.

If you still disagree and think you have the truth of this by all means dedicate your entire being for all eternity if that makes you feel pacted.

I’m just saying ive never seen nor heard of others who saw it this way or did it this way.

When I find my ideas or beliefs greatly at odds with my peers, I check my sources, look for alternative information and question what I’m thinking or believing. Sometimes I’m in the minority on an issue and it turns out I’m right. Most of the time when I’m wildly different it’s me who’s actually in error.

Just something to think about.


“Therefore, before undertaking to practice these rituals, one must be ready to make a full, lifetime commitment to Astaroth, and not stop once the ritual practices have begun. Once setting foot on the path, there is no turning back.”

Quote from:
Rites of Astaroth by Denerah Erzebet, Temple of Ascending Flame

I personally would never bet all my chips on a single number.

II fully agree

Again, I completely agree.


There are many types of pacts out there, each different from all others. Why? Because all humans are different from one another whether in genetics, life experiences, or both. While there are binding pacts that anchor practitioners to certain entities for a lifetime or even beyond that, there are also pacts that do not require nearly as much commitment. Some people even use the word to refer to arrangements they have with an entity for a month, or for a year.

It seems what you’re after is some amount of devotion to Astaroth, otherwise you wouldn’t be naming that entity here, but without all the commitment some people offer up. That’s absolutely a sound judgement to make and makes a lot of sense for your goals. So my question is, why do you think a lifetime devotion is the only way to have what you want?


The person revives a demon and demands something to make a deal with them. Therefore, before committing to practicing these rituals, one should be prepared to make full, lifelong devotion to Astaroth and not stop once the ritual practices have begun. Once you set foot on the road, there is no turning back.

(a word in this book)

I always saw them as allies and friends. It seems unreasonable to me to invest your entire life in a single entity,what I mean by devotion is loyalty and devotion of friend to friend, can you see friend as god?

Or can you put your whole life and freedom in your friend’s hands?

I can stay connected to Astaroth for the rest of my life I can call her regularly every month,But I can’t leave my whole life in her hands,I want to meet all the demons I want to prove magic scientifically and be friends and allies with them.

But at some point I want to retire and enjoy what I’ve accomplished.

It is too early to say that my life has changed, but it has always fascinated me. I realized that my destiny is in my own hands, I realized that with this power I can achieve what I want, I know that if I get stronger, the fate of others will be in my hands.

maybe i can change the terms so i will meditate deeply and work with astaroth.

but you’re right it’s pointless to print all the cards in one number.

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I won’t answer your specific question here, but I wish to make a comment on this.

Contracts do technically reduce your freedom. A contract is an obligation and ensures that a party does what what has been agreed upon. So, contracts by nature reduce your freedom.

Now, I would not recommend breaking any contracts with spirits you’ve made, I specifically would advise against agreeing to contracts that you plan to break in the future.

On devotion:

The demons of the Goetia are spirits that can be bargained with, and seem to enjoy bargaining, and it seems that they can be convinced to do certain things.

With that, if you enter into a devotional contract with them or a devotional practice in general, be aware that they can turn on you, even after decades, by being bargained with by another magician who seeks to curse you through them. And we have seen this occur various times to magicians on these forums who deal with other Goetic magicians frequently. So don’t be too upset if that does happen someday, full loyalty from spirits and people who can be bargained with is generally not something to be too eager about expecting in general.

Now, on your pact with Astaroth, by the sound of it, I agree with @norse900 that it seems unwise. It sounds like a heavy pact to enter into, especially since you haven’t even known this spirit for very long.


Oh hey another church from a prior age is dying again.


The very language is flawed. I proffer that what is really being reached for is Alliance. You want an Alliance with a spirit. Two musical notes working in harmony to create a unique work of Art. That in my experience, is superior to a con-tract. Language is significant.


underpromise, and over-deliver has been my formula of success for an intriguing amount of time.


I read your post, I know what you’re asking.

My point is that you don’t have to bother with making agreements you don’t want to make. Just don’t make them. Make a different one, one that works for you and that you like.

I mean I can. But that doesn’t matter if you can’t, or if you don’t want to.

You also have to know that even if you view someone (or a spirit, same thing here) as a friend, it does NOT mean that they view you in the same way.

What a succinct answer! I’m in agreement.

It really is all about degree, and this contract mentioned above seems very extreme. You’ve given me a really interesting way to consider my agreements @Dankquanicus , I’ll think about this next time I’m in a place to accept terms.

Some very sound advice here. Just because someone is devoted, does not grant them immunity. Warning ahead of time or less of an extreme outcome, maybe, but it’s very rare a spirit will never turn on someone.


Yes a state of accord between man and spirit, alliance! Yes!

Cooperation, collaboration, bringing two parties together for defense, strength, and purpose.


Thank you for interjecting this wisdom into the topic, you hit the nail on the head.


Absolutely!!! That’s using sound thinking!