Does anyone know anything about Theurgia-Goetia?

the book is too short souls have no specific office,While reading Demons of Wrath, I saw that the spirits here can work for a certain time limit.

How do I find the right spirit for a particular purpose?

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I heard that the demons in Teurgia goetia do not have an office,So what a demon can do, others can do.

well then icosiel is invoked for separation and conflict,but when this is reversed, isn’t icosiel also invoked to bring greater devotion and loyalty between two people?

Demons of wrath

There is no book or information that explains these demonic traits.

Maybe we can all fine tune a few items here, as this is an interesting topic. Demons of Wrath does use the Theurgia-Goetia, which is different from our well known 72 goetic demons.

I do think @martinez brings up a valid point. That is, the ambiguity of their specific office or powers. However, reading the image above reveals that they can do pretty much anything.

I do want to note that the book Demons of Deception also uses the Theurgia-Goetia as source material.

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Ah, thanks for the clarification. That really wasn’t making sense.

My apologies, @martinez .

If you look at my magic path diary, you can see icosiel’s presence in the photo I took today at the end of my ritual with the demons.

Beings that can do anything without any expertise.

The demons of Decaption and Demons of Wrath use these beings for curse and evil,
These organizations do not already have a specific area of expertise, that is, they have authority in every area.

Actually what I want to say is:these souls cannot be used for stronger spells, not for instances of curses, but for money or love spells,for health luck or knowledge etc any magic you can think of.

That’s all I’ve had in mind since I started working with this book and studying these spirits, why wouldn’t I want to develop my own rituals?

can do anything without any expertise

Dude I literally showed you a quote where it said their expertise is everything. Read the information

demons of Decaption and Demons of Wrath use these beings for curse and evil,

Again, no. If you tried to read the photo, it literally tells you they are partly good and partly evil.

souls cannot be used for stronger spells,

Since they have an almost unlimited office, they can do whatever. The limit is on the magician

I can’t read the texts because my mother tongue is Turkish, but I can translate the book.

My mistake then. My native language is Spanish.

Thanks to you and Norse, I’m working with this pantheon. Just giving respect bc its due

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well, what have they brought you so far? Is there any noticeable change?

and i noticed you can use a time limit when working with this pantheon,You can express your desire in the present tense or in a different way.

x will meet me this week
or icosiel I want you to have a violent conflict between x and y in 3 days.

Corwin stated that these spirits can work with intent for a certain period of time.

A delicate tip.
If your intention is curse, generate feelings of anger. If your intention is love, produce feelings of lust and love. Release these feelings when you finish the ritual. I think it’s a very important detail.

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Check my journal

Hear, hear!
Except when I curse I go the whole hog - anger, hate, loathing, disease, pain and death. Collateral damage doesn’t bother me, just as it doesn’t bother various militaries. I see my-will-to-be just before shutting down the working. Then I laugh, clap my hands and bitch-slap my face if I start thinking about the working.


“The Offices of these Spirits are all one, for what one commands, the other can do the same, they can show & discover all things that are hid or done in the World, & can fetch & carry, & do any thing that is to be done, or is contained in any of the four Elements, Fire, Air, Earth or Water, &c: also the Secrets of any person whatsoever, let it be in what kind it will.”

Ref: The Goetia of Dr. Rudd