I’m curious what documentaries, on any topic, you’ve found useful towards your practices or magical progress and worldview.
For me, I’m (literally) about to watch “The Witch of King’s Crossing”, and my number one recommendation is “The Century of Self”, about the start of modern marketing.


It’s not much of a documentary, but a movie titled “The Celestine Prophecy” really opened my eyes to what I wanted to study in terms of spirituality. Here is the trailer:

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The Century of the Self is very good. I’m watching it.
I also know from experience that when you get a large group of people together the dynamics and energy changes. Decades ago I used to suck up that energy, then give it back to my audience. You can really work them up, but you feel deleted afterwards. And I can’t explain how to do it. I learnt from watching A.H. films and it just clicked.

Once I was giving the second half of a lecture and when my partner gave me the stage I said, “Everything Dr. So-&-So has told you is absolutely disgusting, completely reprehensible and unfortunately…unfortunately entirely true.” Audience was initially shocked that I appeared to be putting shit on my partner, then after the “entirely true”, they erupted in relief. Had 'em in my hands.

But that was more than twenty years ago.