Demonic tongue problem

Here are three Daemonic mantra that I don’t know how to pronounce, I’d appreciate it if someone could pronounce them for me.I put the words that are more difficult to pronounce in parentheses

Demonic power-up chants to juice up your servitors:

For manifestation: -
(Ic chalaz santum) ralaz, vaskalla sinrampt, Itz melez (dune fen’ki)(servitor name)

For increasing energy: -
Almak al ten ron tal, alash kala kal, peref ron felish tal.

For solidification: -
Sah kah mah vaskalla, Inz rin’pal balah (Tur) inz (U’tala).


Bump,i guess. For the Ic i should say it like i,c or eek?

From what I’ve read, people who believe in a demonic tongue don’t think it is possible for humans to pronounce it.

Magicians don’t pronounce the names of demons the same, and those who recite ancient incantations butcher the ancient Greek and the Hebrew, etc. Ancient Greeks themselves didn’t have a single unified language with standardized pronunciation.

And yet, the spirits hear and the magick works. I would say, just do the best you can.