Decarabia: The Foulest of the Fowl - Part 2

It would seem the truce between decarabia and I has broken. He has possessed another wild chicken and for the last 3 weeks had been eating my cats food and shitting all over my temple floor.

I’ve done my best to ignore this and go about my life and work undaunted but last night was too much…

No word of a lie the demon rooster jumped up onto my altar and shouted a defiant roor er roo er roo! And preceded to shit on my shem angelic table and the angelic portion of my altar. ( Go figure) although it is kinda funny that a demon shit all over the angelic side.

I have the groundskeepers on alert to catch or kill the beast on site ( if he kills it he’s welcome to take it home and feed it to his family).


I will never do business with that fiendish spirit.

If anyone who knows decarabia and is willing to broker a just and honorable peace between us I’m open to the idea. But I will not surrender even an inch of temple space to this monster.

I’m considering sealing him in a bottle and tossing it into a river where he can think on his sins until someone rescues him…:thinking: ( The spirit not the actual host chicken)

I’m starting to wonder if this some past life beef causing enmity between us. Or if he just doesn’t like me for another reason…


Got some reason this thought came to mind reading the kill it part…

If 1 (chicken) is killed 3 will follow

No idea why unless it was to advise against making it worse because after all the demon in the chicken is to blame but the chicken is just a unfortunately possessed bird not acting of its own volition :person_shrugging:

I’m just guessing but it didn’t pop in my mind to suggest avoiding pissing him further I think maybe something wants you to avoid but to avoid pissing off 1 or more local nature spirits.

But are you sure it’s the spirit you think and if it is you may want to try figure out why the peace broke cuz once you know you can avoid exacerbating thing.

Not saying make peace

Saying that it’s always good to know what started the war (or in this case restarted it) whether you wish to stop it or not. That way if you know what pisses someone off you can avoid doing it with other someone’s that might react similarly.


Here is the culprit


Very philosophical @Kish I just wonder if you’d still be philosophical about it if it were your temple with hot, stinky rooster poo…

:man_facepalming:t3::man_shrugging:t3: Just saying…


I have no advice or relevant comments but this made me laugh like all hell. :laughing:

Best of luck to you mate


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: I understand


My parents used to have a rooster named Chester. Anytime we went outside it would chase and attack us. We literally had to run to get in our cars or the house.

Now I wonder if he wasnt possessed too :thinking:


I’m sorry I don’t have much to add Mike, except that if it were me, I’d be pissed as well.


I’d be very pissed.

I did say though I’m not saying make peace cuz he is a deserving a retaliation of some kind.

Just not sure on the bird is the way to go since that won’t do anything except harm something that is another victim as opposed to redressing the cause.

Dumb question here but.,.Any way to exorcise the bird? Like set it free of its possession?

Like i said I get the feeling killing it will upset local entities cuz it’s a victim too :person_shrugging:


Just thought of this are there any local deities connected to chickens or birds? If there are maybe they’ll help deal with the demonic chicken since if it’s a living chicken it’s a victim not the real perpetrator.


Well guys my magickal career isn’t all success and glamor, sometimes it’s got hot, god awful chicken shit in too.

On a philosophical note I guess success wouldn’t be so sweet without some shit occasionally.

I’m gonna try to have a dialog with him and see if he’ll tell me why he’s acting out. Gotta be a reason. I’ve probably offended him without knowing it somehow. Once we get to the bottom of this maybe we can deal with the root causes of the rebellious behavior and bring him back into the fold.


Sorry, I have nothing that could help with your orignal plight, however…

Im worried about the cats. That thing can fuck them up bad if youre not careful. Keep them safe, and if possible, maybe move the food somewhere else?


I ain’t promising shit, but I do have a semi-ongoing interactions with Decarabia. As I read your post, something was dropped into my mind. A stone, honey, oatmeal, and wheat.

He gave them permission, and the impure spirits came out and went into the pigs. The herd, about two thousand in number, rushed down the steep bank into the lake and were drowned. Mark 5:13

Maybe you could give Decarabia a new home, and go on an adventure and find a new home for the stone-home of Decarabia. One that is a cozy distance from your dwelling.

I agree with @Kish. If you ask me for advice here: be an eagle, not any land dwelling animal. Wisdom here can mean giving Decarabia a stone as a home, with the other ingredients as giving respect (not to Decarabia-as-a-spirit, giving respect to the-energy-that-Decarabia-represents.) Taking that and placing a rock far from your home can be better and more fun instead of a guns blazing approach.


Doubt it was possessed. Rooster are usually just mean ornery and overly territorial. I was visiting a friend of the family with my parents as a kid (also I think they were a something relative some times removed not that it matters) and her fucking rooster tried attacking me. It wasn’t possessed just a fucking mean territorial ass of a rooster. In my experience roosters are just like that.

Anyway short version of my experience it was flapping at me trying to get me. I was swinging a bag like crazy keeping it off me and then dad came and basically rescued me. Roosters. They may be necessary to bring about future chicken generations but they are real nasty fucks. Think I was 8.

Add:probably the reason in parts of the world they use them for cock fighting. Cuz they’re naturally mean.


I was mostly joking. He was a mean ass rooster though.


You know, there was a very old belief in Europe that even Lions fear Roosters.


Good advice man thx. Yeah I think kish is right too if I cull this chicken 3 more will take his place. So yeah your idea is sound.


Too much work to chomp, with the wings and all that…


The only real solution for invasive species, whether chicken or carp, is to eat them faster than they can productively breed.


If anyone’s interested in the origins of chickens… this is the most current theory going around of where they came from
Because reading Norse900’s comment while accurate for some invasives like Asian carps in North America in some cases it’s harder to say if it’s a invasive or started there when it comes to things like chickens cuz now it’s believed they came from somewhere in Asia (a huge continent which includes Indonesia and the Philippines among other places).